Hi. My name is Steve Ruys, Fitness Center
Coordinator here at Los Angeles Mission College Welcome to our brand new Health, Fitness and Athletics
complex which will be opening Spring 2010 Please come join us and take a look at our new facility. [music] Our beautiful gymnasium here at Los Angeles Mission College has four
basketball courts, four volleyball courts and nine badminton courts. Three of which will be used for fitness classes, One which is a
NCAA basketball court where we’ll be able to competitions or games on The brand new Fitness Center and our state of the art
Health, Fitness and Athletics complex is over 8,500 sq/ft Comes fully equipped with over 45 pieces of cardio
equipment and 60 pieces of commercial gym equipment. As the conditioning coach, I’ll oversee all the physical training This is our athletic training room. Our athletic teams will come in to get treatment, modalities,
to help them get healthy, stay healthy and help them compete at a higher level We have three fully equipped studios here at our new facility. We’ll
teach classes such as cardio kickboxing, step aerobics and body conditioning We also have an amazing 3 lane running track suspended over our gymnasium. We have five fully integrated smart classrooms in our new facility where
we’ll offer classes such as health, nutrition and other lecture classes