okay recently he's been up to some really really advanced stuff this thing looks incredible is he calling me grim can you hear that I think he's calling me tres Josh yoke oh my goodness what is going on here party time what is going on but Troy auras look this is loads of stuff that's really unhealthy for you here we've got is that a cake two really extravagant cake we've got popcorn a taco you know how I love tacos though but it's really unhealthy a hamburger and an Ice Cream Sandwich all of this stuff is really unhealthy what's this on the end is that a cup of tea oh my goodness that's amazing that cup of tea is almost as big as my head's that is amazing that's okay but the rest is really really unhealthy we can't keep eating like this we had a party literally two days ago ah yeah it was fun but we can't keep eating like this I tell you what the only reason we can eat all of this is if you workout with me right now yeah exactly exactly like a gym so you up for it okay well don't come complaining to me when your belly is as round as a ghast okay yeah I didn't think so anyway let's go ahead and do some working out because what we're gonna do is work out and reward ourselves with I think I'm going for that tackle over there that sounds and smells absolutely beautiful truth don't you start without me look at him he's getting so excited get your feet out of my cup of tea oh geez well luckily it's a day I have got a really cool system for us to work out work up a sweat get some buffs and be able to feel a little bit less guilty about binging and having a food party so inside here we're gonna have all the ingredients that we need to craft some gym equipment and we're gonna start off with this one right here so if we throw down one of these and four sticks we will get an amazing jump boost now really this thing isn't actually called a jump boost I'm just gonna make another one as well there we go gonna have to cuz these make trampolines yes you heard me right grim this is gonna make a trampoline Yoga is he asleep I think you might be asleep that's a little bit weird but anyway let's place down these trampling just put one here and then one over here and look at these they look so so cools all we need to do is jump on one of these and on the right hand side you can see we've got a jump boost meter now if we keep jumping on this trampoline the jump boost meter will keep going up and up and up the more we jump on our little trampoline look at this a little exercise trampolines who doesn't go too high but you do get a bigger jump boost each time now the more that you collect up these points the bigger your jump boost becomes let's keep on going to see how far we can get it up I think you can go all the way to about 10,000 and you get the highest level of jump boost you can guess let's keep on jumping keep on jumping and I'll meet you at 10,000 there we go look I've got jumpers to the minute if I go just over 10,000 points my legs are starting to ache here we go over 10,000 we now have jump boots three sweet Oh a little bit higher on our trampoline this is so fun and we can jump between the two look at this we can gain points by jumping between the two so as you can see I'm getting a little bit hungry already oh Jesus clothes don't hurt myself there we go but we have gained a really awesome jump boots and also the longer you take part in a certain activity with all of this gym equipment the longer your buff stays with you afterwards so now I can jump over this because I've been working out so hard on my legs they are now almost Springs look at this it's amazing let's move on to our next activity so now we've worked out our legs and probably the rest of our body as well we're now gonna move on to the next one which is going to work out our legs a little bit more but that's okay you can never do too much exercise especially when there's as much food as there is in there no man I'm looking forward to so let's slow down a redstone torch five sticks and three blocks of quartz and we will get the speed machine also known as a treadmill there we go so what you can do with this is you're able to run on it infinitely and gain lots of speed let me just show you how this works so let's just run on the treadmill and as you can see it kind of sticks you there and you will be able to run and gain speed on the right hand side so now let's sprint there we go ah man this is cool this is cool it looks like my screen is flipping out a little bit by am gaining some speed I've still got my job boost from earlier but as you can see I'm working out on this treadmill incredibly well it's so cool Graham what do you think yaar know what I'm doing really really well my legs though are getting a little bit tired so I'm gonna quickly just hop off of this machine and see how well it's going it's not going too badly I've still got speed I've still got jump boost as well I think the jump boost is just about to run out oh no it's gone down to jump boost ooh my goodness I will jump boost for ages just think I need to jump off that tacho just in case but anyway let's move on to our third a piece of gym equipment which is going to help us even more to put more space in our bodies so we feel less bad about eating all that stuff so 2 blocks of iron 2 stone slabs and 30 sticks yes 30 will give us the strength machine now let's pop this down there we go and this is looking quite complex but it's actually pretty simple it's pretty much a way to do a pull-up so what we're going to do is look up and then right click on here and then you should be able to right-click up and down and be able to do this here we go let's look up that looks down and we're doing 1 rep each time so every time you hear that little ding listen you've done a rep there we go so let's look at this from the outside there we go we're pulling up we're pulling down and we're doing some pull ups now this one is very very difficult to get up quickly a little bit more difficult than the trampoline and the treadmill but the more you work at this the more strength you will get in your awesome a buff list it's so cool I'm sorry if you keep staring at my butt that's a little bit creepy but hey we're doing our strength pull-ups right now it's ok it's ok let's get off of this and see what we have earned we have out a strength and we've still got our jump booster we did so much jumping it's incredible so now we can punch things really really hard thanks to that workout so we've done the legs we've done the arms and now we can work the arms out 1 more times we've done 2 workouts on the legs now we can go for the arms and this workout is going to be in the form of this machine right here so let's grab a diamond pickaxe I see lantern and five of cobblestone let's throw this together in this together like this and we will get the haste machine now I'm gonna plop this one just here there we go look at this oh man I love how magical this one looks it's got like a big ball on the top it's looking all ND and enchantee it's so good-looking and we're going to do is grab this diamond pickaxe and all we need to do is look at this the meter will come up on the right hand side we can start mining this away now you don't actually earn the cobblestone you just earn haste points to build up your haste meter and work out your arms check this out let's keep on going keep on going keep on going and the more that we mine the quicker our haste will get so at the moment we have got haste for a little bit and we keep on workin and workin workin if we get to five we might get up to Rank 2 a paste and then that means we can work out even quicker as well which is absolutely perfect let's see if we can get to 5,000 can we do it we're almost at 4,000 why aren't a king a little bit but I'm gonna definitely earned all of this party food for definite and that cup of tea is sounding a pretty nice as well so are we up tastes too yet yes we are and we've still got our jump boost too as well so some of these workouts can last a very long time let's stop that because my arm is aching a lot now let's put this down I don't wanna do any more working out I just can't and I'm now earning my food cuz look how hungry I am look out buff I am look watch me tense there we go look my arms are bulging muscles right now whoa that was quite the workout on all of this gym equipment looks really really cool as well so you just plop it down in your house you can work yourself to an amazing amazing body it's cool and it's a really good way to kind of prepare yourself for a boss battle as well so imagine got your strength your jump boost your haste all going on you can smack that boss into next week look how fast my hand is moving watch out guys watch out now I'm gonna use this fast moving hand to just jog over here umm can you stop dripping your feet in my tea get out of here what are you doing yeah I know you're not working out but I've done my workout is pretty quick and now I've earned my food you ready to party good now which food shall I choose I think I said I was gonna go for the top but I think I'm gonna go for the burger now give me this yeah this is gonna be tasty so guys while I enjoy my burger thank you so much for watching this video if you want to try out some gym equipment for yourself which I mean why wouldn't you then please do go in description below where you'll be able to check out all of the equipment that I've shown in this video now I'm going to eat this burger that I have thoroughly earns by doing an awesome workout and I'll see you guys in the next video again if you did enjoy this video please do big fat thumbs up that'd be greatly appreciated also if this happens to be the first video you see what me then please do consider subscribing and joining team TDM today for daily minecraft videos let me go and eat my burger while jumping on a trampoline that will eat it and also burn off the fat from it as well oh man I've got the perfect sup so again thank you so much watching guys and I'll see you in the next video goodbye Blaine Blaine going by