Welcome to Cengage Learning’s Diet and Wellness
Plus, “Managing Assignments”. This is an installment of the Digital Course Support
self-training video series for instructors. Our Agenda for this video is to guide you
through how to manage assignments in Diet & Wellness Plus in MindTap by creating an
assignment, editing an assignment, and deleting an assignment.
From the Manage Assignments page, you can create and edit assignments that are based
on the Reports that Diet & Wellness Plus offers. To access the Manage Assignments page, begin
by clicking on the Profile menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and selecting Instructor.
The first time you access the Instructor menu within a session, you will need to select
your Course. Now that you’ve selected your Course, click
on Manage Assignments. You should now be at the Assignments page.
Click Create New Assignment. Begin by entering an assignment name. Use
the drop-down menu to select a Report type. Select a Due Date for the Assignment.. The
Due Date of the Assignment is not enforced in terms of prohibiting students from submitting
assignments past this date. Selecting a Due Date is optional. If you do not select a Due
Date then although the Assignment will still appear in the Student’s Assignments list,
the Student will not receive a notification that the Assignment will soon be due and the
Student may submit the Assignment any time they wish. The Report Start and End Dates are the dates
upon which the Student’s Reports will be based. For example, if you create an assignment
that has a Report Start Date of October first, and a Report End Date of October second, then
the report that’s generated when the student submits their assignment will be based on
the Diet and Activity data the student has entered between those two dates. The Report
Start and End Dates are also optional and if you don’t select them, then Students
are free to base their Assignments on dates of their own choosing. After creating your first assignment, if you
wish to edit your assignment, click on the assignment name hyperlink. Only the Assignment Name and Due Date may
be edited once an assignment has been created and saved. The reason for this rule is that
if you’ve saved an assignment and Students begin working on it, then changing the Report
Type or Report Start or End Dates could invalidate work that Students have already begun, which
might cause confusion. Hence, the only attributes that may be edited once an assignment has
been created, are the assignment’s name and due date. To delete an assignment, simply click on the
blue “x” button to the far right of the assignment name. Thanks for taking the time to review this
self-training video and we hope you found it helpful. Please make sure to check out
our other self-training videos and resources for more help with your Cengage Digital Products.