Yo. What’s up it’s your boy Millionaire Hoy and I’m a fitness creator here on YouTube. Come on! Up! Boom! Today we have a 30 minute boot camp style workout Today we are going to stress out that entire body and we’re definitely get that heart rate up It’s gonna get ugly, but we’re working it So becoming a YouTuber was actually a mistake. One of those good mistakes. I started off as a graphic designer I was working non-stop Barely getting sleep and also raising a family of three at the time now five I was at work, and I just noticed that I was feeling really woozy and dizzy I actually thought I was having a stroke I ended up spending about 3 or 4 days in the hospital and that was a big turning point for me I started working out, and I began to have a passion for helping other people get fit as well Personally I grew up very poor so I want to make sure that no matter who you were people had access to fitness I decided to take a huge gamble going full time with YouTube and While that sounds romantic and it actually meant that I had to hustle Anything from selling clothes online to do in graphic design on the side to fund myself while I was still building my YouTube community When I first heard about YouTube NextUp I thought it was just this crazy program that I absolutely had to be a part of so I filled out an application and Unfortunately, I wasn’t accepted. Which was earth-shattering But I didn’t let that get me down too much. I found out that YouTube was looking for two things They wanted people who were willing to collaborate and they were looking for YouTubers who were telling stories. So I created my YouTube story video, and that worked as an audition for YouTube NextUp and when it really sunk in that I was accepted at class like it would just I don’t have the words for it So after I completed YouTube NextUp my brain was on fire. I’ve learned so many things that I didn’t know before. And shortly after that we actually hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube so firstly for me then this gonna sound pretty hokey But my ultimate YouTube goal is to help over 1 million people get in the best shape of their lives My parents named me Millionaire at birth, and I feel that by doing this I actually become a real life millionaire