I think through my time in the
Coast Guard and in the Army, I definitely developed a strong
sense of service to my community. And there is absolutely a lot
of veterans here at Sharp. I found myself at Sharp taking
the skill sets that I had in the military and being able
to use them, you know, doing what I was doing there. A lot of the vets from
Korea and Vietnam, and they like to wear their
veteran hats. I like to thank them for their
service because they did it before I did. I think being in the service
develops team building, exclusively almost, I mean
it’s all about being on the team. It’s all about
supporting your team members and doing whatever you need to
get the job done. There are ties that bind every
person in the military and one of those things is service for
sure and there’s a huge service component. I enjoy
being of service and I enjoy giving back to my community. The central issue of
what you’re doing, in the military, in the Navy
when I was there or at Sharp, is serving people.