Microsoft has fundamentally
changed the way we work. Patients are already seeing
value from it. That’s what matters to us. What we’ve done in healthcare
is to accommodate for the specific needs of
care team collaboration. It’s really raising the
productivity of the individual, the teams, and eventually
the enterprise that will be empowered through
the Microsoft experience. We know that the suite of
products that Microsoft delivers will connect seamlessly and
integrate quickly. Integrated Microsoft
capabilities increase our productivity curve. App Services reduced our data storage deployment costs by no less than a thousand
percent. We’re gonna see major
advancements in cancer research, ALS, diabetes, chronic disease, and personalized medicine.
That’s exciting. Information like this is really
the Holy Grail of healthcare. We literally see technology
powering our business. Talk to patients whose
lives have been saved. You cannot be anything but
uplifted. I don’t think that we would’ve
been where we are if it wasn’t for a partner
like Microsoft.