– You could also try this at home if you invest in your
own microcurrent machine. She’s like gonna come in and be like “What are you doing?” (pulsing upbeat music) (sound of feet clacking floor) (dinging sound) Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove and
this is What The Wellness. The show where I try out
trending wellness experiences and treatments to find out what’s weird and what’s actually worth it. I’m back in the office for another facial, this time I’ll be getting
a microcurrent facial at SB Skin in New York City. So far, I’ve had some
dermal infusion done, where they suck things out of my face. I’ve had acupuncture needles and crystals. Today, I’m going to use microcurrents, which I don’t really know what that means, to try to lift my face and stimulate some kinds of production, collagen production I think? Let’s go give it a try. (upbeat new age music) – Just take your shoes off. – [Ella] Great. – And hop under the covers. – This is cozy. I’m about
to get microcurrentized. – So, I know Elle already, but for you guys that don’t know me, I’m Shamara Bondaroff,
the founder of SB Skin and we’re gonna do microcurrent today. – What is microcurrent? – Good question. Microcurrent is electricity. We use it to stimulate
the muscles in your face. It’s subsensory. It’s a microcurrent, so it’s really small, minute so you don’t feel it. It mimics your own body current and what it does it
stimulates the muscles, it stimulates collagen, elastin, she was right,
– I got that right. – amino acids ATP, cell turnover, it does so many different things. It reeducates the muscles in your face. It does lymphatic drainage, I mean we could sit here for hours talking about all the amazing things. I mean that’s why you
see results right away. – Awesome. – So we’re just prepping the skin while I gently clean the face. – I have a lot of grime
on there right now. – We all do, it’s New York, babe. (upbeat drum music) – [Ella] Probes, got it. – It’s a negative and positive. If I put one on your
face, it’s not gonna work. And yu need both. So, it’s like old school
science, negative and positive. And then I use a conducting
gel, it’s an aloe based gel. So, again, you need a conductor. You can’t just use an oil base, you need to use a water base. I just put the, I work one side at a time. This is just the gel, I’m
gonna place on in a thin layer. – I mean, this alone feels good. – I know, because aloe is
a natural cooling plant. Let me jump right into it, this is it. – This is it. Oh my God, I can kinda feel it. The big thing is just
smooth and cool and lovely and the the little thing is I can sorta feel a little
bit of electricity. – [Shamara] It’s slight. I think it’s more you
think you feel electricity. – Yeah, I think I feel it. – [Shamara] It’s more that
the probes is like a direct, I use them more as like a fork, let’s say I use it to like hold the skin. – Yeah. – But right now, you
might be able to taste it. – [Elle] I can taste it. Oh my God, I was gonna say that. I thought I was just crazy. – [Shamara] It’s like a metal taste. – I have like a metallic
taste in my mouth. I literally was gonna say it but I thought you were gonna be like, “Yeah, cool, you’re nuts.” – No, it’s a normal
thing when electricity, when I’m near your mouth, it combines with your saliva
and it changes your pH. – And so what are you
doing as work through these different areas of my face? – Okay, so I’m literally working on the jaw line to make it
more defined, lifting, preventing, you’re young so it’s not, it’s preventative now, more than anything. So like training the jowls
to not come out of place and – They can just stay right where they are. Who are most of your clients? What age are they? – My clientele starts at 18. It’s 18 to 87. It’s every age group it
does something amazing for. It doesn’t discriminate towards any. – Okay, so 18 year olds, what benefits are they coming in for? – They come in because
a lot of it’s for acne. – So 20s too, that’s
probably what you see? – 20s too but also 20s girls go out more, they’re staying out at
night, they’re puffy, they’re going through their
own changes in their skin because they’re living a
little harder life, let’s say. 30 year olds is starting
to notice something, “How do we fix it?” And we can do that. And same thing with 40
year olds and 50 year olds. Each age group is like
slightly more issues, like they lose the muscle tone and that’s what we’re helping them with and that’s like lifting the muscle, so it’s not just the contouring. It is reeducating the muscle. (electronic crescendo sound) – Even though, Ella, you’re a baby, you do see a little bit
of a difference already. Just in the few minutes that I
started working on this side. This muscle right here, the zygomatic, is already lifted and more plump and you can see there’s more space between her eyes right now
and the eyebrow’s more lifted. And the jaw will be more defined. So the results last about
10 days on the first time. It’s instant gratification. So right away you’re going
to see the lifts on your face and you’re gonna feel amazing and as the collagen
elastin starts forming, it usually takes 24 hours to
get the full development of it. This is where we want you to be. – Wait, so am I crazy or am I
kind of seeing a white flash? – You’re totally not crazy. So there’s a pulse and you’re catching a slight
pulse when I’m near your eye. – Yeah. – Your eyeball’s fluid so
– Oh right. – it’s gonna pick up a current. (upbeat dance music) I use the water to keep
your face hydrated, so the gel doesn’t dry out, again, I need water to conduct. – When we say “conduct”,
we’re talking about, – [Shamara] Straight up electricity. – We’re giving the electricity
something to move through. – [Shamara] To move through, yes. – Mm hm. Science. – [Shamara] 101. So, we’re
switching out the probes – [Ella] Oh my God, it’s
Q-tips at the end of it? – We’re so high tech. Now with the prongs, I’m getting way more deeper and defining. So I could go like
really down to the muscle and stretch it out. (upbeat dance music) As we get older, we lose lip volume, this helps plump up the lips. This muscle right here weakens. So what we’re doing is
strengthening that muscle again. And look how it flips the lip up and that’s what we’re looking for. (upbeat dance music) So, I’m gonna take the gel off of her face and use an ultrasonic scrubber to take the remaining of the gel but also it helps exfoliate
and clean the face. – Cool. (upbeat drum music) (buzzing) – [Shamara] It sounds more intense but it’s a gentle vibration. – Do people use this at home? – [Shamara] Yeah you could
totally get one for home. They’re more gentle, the home version. But it really does clean your face. – I’m just being ultrasonically
scrubbed right now. It’s nice. (upbeat dance music) – So after we do ultrasonic, I put goggles on her face and we’re gonna do some LED. LED we have two options. We have blue light, blue light is a color
we would use for someone that has more of an acne breakout
and it will kill bacteria. We are going to use a red light for Ella, that will stimulate collagen
and soften fine lines. So it starts out really bright. You get used to it, just meditate into it. It forces you to have to relax. LED is calming, after we do microcurrent. And so after we stimulate
your face with microcurrent, this will calm the skin and any redness, for some clients that get that, it will calm the redness. (upbeat dance music) We are finishing with LED
after about 10 minutes, more or less. – Wow, what is this dark world out here? I don’t like it. (bottle spraying) (upbeat dance music) – So there’s hyaluronic acid in it. Also a little aloe, chamomile. So I come back to using
microcurrent again. And this will help push
the serum into the face. – I thought I was never
gonna see this thing again. I was missing it. – [Shamara] No, that’s the
nice part, we come right back. (upbeat dance music) – I am so relaxed, I could fall asleep. (upbeat dance music) – And that’s it, all done. – I don’t wanna get up. ♪ Aaahhh ♪ (laughing) (upbeat music) – I mean I look,
– Electrified? – Electified, well my hair looks
like it’s been electrified. And this right here, I
call it my ski goggle line, cause it looks like I
just took off my ski mask, would just stay and it’s gone. This whole area of my face, before you could see it, I just had like stuff in there. Tired. – Energy gets stuck and we’re
keeping the energy flowing. – Yeah, I’m flowing, man. (laughing) – If you want a facial cause
it makes you feel good, this kind of facial, microcurrent, that just kind of works
with everything you’ve got to move your own energy to
make your own face feel better, feel less puffy, maybe feel a little bit more like your own, that’s wellness. – It’s just, it’s not changing
your structure at all. – Yeah. – It’s just emphasizing. – Weird or worth it? I mean it was weird, it’s always weird, you know, that’s why we’re trying these. She was putting electric
currents through my face. That sounds really dramatic. It was actually a really,
really gentle treatment. And aside from a little bit of
a metallic taste in my mouth, and some light flashes that
were, that only I could see, it was an incredibly
peaceful, relaxing treatment. While it’s expensive, one
session runs around 250. While you’re investing in this treatment, you’re seeing effects
for not only tomorrow, but the next 10 to 14 days. I was on that table having a conversation and I was so relaxed I was
basically falling asleep. Like I am zen, right now. I’m going back to bed. I’m so tired. Still here. I’m Ella Dove and this
is What the Wellness. What should they do? – Subscribe. – Today.
– Now, right now. (upbeat dance music) – [Woman In Pink Shirt] We’re at SB Skin. – We’re at SB Skin, this is the crew. (group cheering) – [Sound Man] That’s a
funky looking selfie stick. – This is the heaviest selfie ever.