other groups assess nutrition? Did no other group assess nutrition? Oh we have a winner over here…you guys win. For the first time at the University of Michigan we had a course that combines students
from Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine Pharmacy and Social Work into one classroom for a semester. The idea is to get each of these teams to understand more of what’s going on in the other schools so they can function better when you get into the real world. The exercise we’re working on right now is an exercise where we have a hand off of a patient who was in a hospital who goes home but as part of that hand off, a mistake is made. how many people vote that there was a medication error? It’s kind of fun because everyone has differing viewpoints and experiences and it can get a little
contentious some times, but, you know, we’re all here to learn and
share each other’s ideas. Everybody is expected to function
as a team, but you’re kind of thrown in a team as you finish with your education and so it’s
really hard to work that way so the idea behind this course is to get people working
as teams before you graduate before your real life situations. I will more readily refer to a physician for information I need, I
can talk to the pharmacist, the nurse the social worker and be comfortable knowing their roles
and being able to communicate with them better. What kind of findings would you find for an EKG for Potassium? PT waves….very good. Seeing the course in action has really been interesting and rewarding
experience. Perhaps one of the most rewarding things to me is all of the unplanned learning that is happening every single week
students for teaching each other things that we never planned. This class is
really help people not just learn about other disciplines, but
learn with other disciplines and how that
collaboration with them makes us all a better clinician and
thereby makes the care that we give to patients better. I think it’s really important have
programs like this not only at Michigan, but everywhere and them be required because this is
like the future health care and if we really
wanna make a better system then this is where we need to start.