-Thank you so much
for coming back to the show. Congrats on all the success. This is just from this year. Look at all the magazine covers
you've been on. Look at this guy.
This one here. [ Audience cheers ] This — Look at that one. -Oh, man.
Yeah. That was a good one. -Hi-oooo. -Oh, man.
That was a crazy one. That — That was —
That was interesting one because we weren't supposed to
go into the water at all, and then we had this, you know,
incredible photographer, Cass Bird, and she —
"Just keep on following me. Follow the camera.
Follow the camera." She kept taking one step back slowly, slowly into the water,
into the water. Before you knew it,
I was, like, up to my neck. -This is a real photo. -That's a real photo.
Yeah, yeah. -Wow, I thought it was
just a thing. No way. -We were in the Hamptons
when we did that one. -"Vanity Fair,"
they don't mess around. Now this is you and your —
You have a pet wolf. -That was a wolf.
-That was a real wolf, yeah. -That was a real wolf. -You can tell how psyched
you were for that photo shoot. You go, "Yeah,
let's get this wolf." -I had very strict instructions
not to look at him in his eyes. So, it was — it was legit. And, of course, "W Magazine,"
which is — That's fun right there. Congrats on everything, buddy.
-Thank you so much. -Let's talk about "Creed 2." It came out — huge success,
bigger than the first one. Made over
$100-something-million. I mean, congrats, buddy.
-Thank you so much, man. Appreciate it.
-The hard work. It's the hard work
that makes it. -It is, man, just being focused
and locked in, and honestly, you know,
you been working all your life, all your career, you know,
for this one moment, and it seems like God
gave me everything that
I wanted at one time. So, I've just been kind of,
you know, just taking it all in stride
and working hard. -And then "Black Panther." Wow.
I mean, oh, my goodness, dude. [ Cheers and applause ]
What a year. -No, it's — The way
it timed out, it just — Yeah, 2018 was massive, and that movie, honestly,
what it did and the impact that it made
in the community, in the world, especially for our cultural —
our culture. -What did it mean?
-Just representation, man. Being able to see yourself
up on-screen in a positive way
that's not stereotypical. Yeah, that's a position
of power, of royalty, regular family dynamics. Having history, having that
culture, that mythology there was extremely important,
especially Halloween. When I used to — you know,
used to see all these memes, and, you know, you see all these
costumes, these little kids, these little boys with,
you know, permanent-marker, you know, beards,
looking like Killmonger. And you see
all these little girls dressed up like Dora Milaje
with their hair, with these bald caps on
and stuff like that. And just having that sense
of pride of where you come from. Your sense of identity, I think,
it was really powerful. It was good.
-I did it this Halloween. I was like, "I'm so psyched
for those guys." That was awesome.
-It was really good. -Do people just yell at you,
"Wakanda forever?" -Yes.
[ Laughter ] Yes, they do.
But they don't understand. I'm not from Wakanda,
technically, so — -No, that's Chadwick.
-That's a Chadwick thing. So, like, when they say,
like, "Wakanda forever," low key, I'm still in character. I'm like "Nah, that ain't me." [ Laughter ] You won't do it back to them? -Not really.
-Not really? "That's not my thing, dude."
-Yeah. -When you see Chadwick, ask him.
Yeah. He's like,
"Please stop asking me." -"Please, I'm done.
I'm done." -Dude, it's the biggest film
ever, and I know there's — I mean, there's Oscar buzz talk. I know Oprah threw a giant party
for the film. -She did.
She did. Getting, you know, those
influences of somebody like, you know, Oprah,
as powerful as she is, to get behind this film
and champion it and throw a huge party. My mom made her
a special rum cake, you know,
to say thank you for it. -Wait, I saw this.
-Yeah. -On Oprah's —
I follow her on Instagram. -You know,
she posted on Instagram. -That's right.
-She has a house in Hawaii. So, she went to Hawaii the
next — I think that night, and her and Stedman, you know,
in the morning, she had my mom's rum cake
for breakfast, and she recorded it
and put it up online, and we got so much attention,
so much love for it. But it's incredible.
-Was your mom psyched? -She was —
It was a dream come true. Like, you understand? My mom is such a huge fan
of Oprah, and my grandmother was, too,
God rest her soul. So, I know she was smiling down,
you know, at this — at this moment that her rum cake
recipe made it to Oprah's house. It was incredible.
It was incredible. -Next time, Mom,
please make me some. -You know what?
-I want to try some. -The next time in the city
I will make sure — I think I'm gonna send to you. I'm gonna make sure
you get a cake. -Oh, I would love to.
-I promise. -I have almost the exact amount
of followers as Oprah. [ Laughter ] Here's you and your pal Lupita. -Yes.
-We love her so much. -Nah, she's awesome.
[ Cheers and applause ] She's a lot of fun. You know, the red carpet —
You know how it is. It could be so stale
and boring sometimes and just posing and looking. Look cool. Look suave.
Give me that sex face. Like, nah, it's like —
So, sometimes — -People always yell that at me.
-They do. Don't they? -Yeah, yeah.
"Give me that sex face." [ Laughter ] I go, "Oh, you don't want it.
That's a terrible face." "Don't give me the sex face."
That's what they yell. "Please don't do the sex face."
-"Non-sex face for you only." -"For you only." But I know
you guys have a contest. Like, some push-up contest
or something? You can't talk about,
which is fine. -Can't talk about
that specific bet that I lost 'cause it's too embarrassing,
but, yeah. Me and couple of my friends,
my buddies, you know, we're on these long press tours. We try to keep things fresh
and keep things fun, and, you know,
we're shooting on these films for months at a time, so we
started betting on anything. I mean, who can throw this piece
of paper into the trash. If you miss it,
you give me five push-ups. If not, you know,
I'll give you five push-ups. -Yeah.
-But they're on retainer. So, that means I can
call you up whenever I want, and you have to give me
a push-up. And so it's like that's where
the embarrassing thing comes in 'cause you're trying
to find the most — you know, the craziest places
to call somebody up. I've had people do them at,
you know, red lights. You were parked on the free–
stopped at a red light. I'm like, "Give me one push-up.
You have to get out and give me a push-up
right there on the spot." I mean, in the pouring rain,
courtside basketball game. -But where'd Lupita
make you do it? -Lupita had me
at a fashion show, and the fashion show
that we were at had popcorn, 'cause you know they have
these crazy art displays, you know,
these fashion designers. They had these crazy runways
and sets and stuff like that. So, we were pretty much
knee-high-deep in popcorn. It was popcorn-themed.
I don't know. Whatever. But she was like,
"Hey, give me –" First she called me over
like it was all cool. Like, "Michael, I need
to talk to you for a second." I was like, "Oh, cool. Anything
for you. What do you need?" And she's like, "Hey,
I'm gonna need one of those." And I'm like,
"Need one of what?" "I'm gonna need one of those."
I'm like, "One of those." I'm like, "Oh, right now?"
Like, ooh. -In the popcorn.
-She's a fast learner. I literally had to get down
there and give her a push-up. -Not bad, buddy.