Mentos experiment! Oh, ow, that’s warm! I also discovered that it’s actually really
nice and smooth if you feel it! And it weighs one and a half pounds. So I went ahead and bought $42 worth of diet
coke and now I have to fill my bathtub with it! Pretty cool! That’s awesome! Oh my goodness, it’s so cold! It’s so cold! You don’t understand how cold this is! This is so… Oh! Goodness… Okay, I have to get my bottle of Coke. Oh my goodness, that Japanese guy is out of
his mind, He was probably freezing his little… This is not pleasant. Oh this is not pleasant at all. We used like 40 litres of Coke and this is
how full our bathtub is. And what do I do? Oh my gosh, what do I do? Okay, I guess… Okay, now it’s going underneath. Okay, now I have to pour it all over the Mentos. Here goes nothing. And, and? What’s happening? Is anything happening? Besides me freezing? Do you see my goosebumps? Now, I will turn over because obviously I’m
not getting anywhere. We needed more Coca Cola! Okay! Coughing. Nothing’s happening! Um, okay. Okay, now I am flat! I can’t breathe. I’m coughing. Oh, I don’t want to not breathe properly! Too much carbon dioxide? This was really stressful. It didn’t do anything! Doesn’t even fizz! Look, it barely fizzes! Coke and Mentos… Here we’ll put it in my little bowl. Scoop and? Nothing. Nothing. Are these like bad Mentos? It’s a myth. It can’t be a myth, other people have done
it. Nothing is happening. Those are Mentos. Those are regular Mentos. What the heck? Okay, now I am going to pour. Nope! Now I am putting the whole thing in. And? And? Nothing. I can’t believe this didn’t work. I am so sad.