[music] [text on screen] Mental Health and Wellness in the Legal Profession [text on screen] In any given year, one in five Canadians will experience a mental health problem significant enough to require treatment. Michele H. Hollins, Q.C. – President, Canadian
Bar Association I know that those feelings are… are still
there. You know, there are… a stone’s throw away. And so I think I have certainly a new
respect for my mental health and the fragility of my mental health. The importance of being
mindful and taking care of that part of my life, like I do every other part of my life. [music] [text on screen] Legal professionals face
a core stigmatization challenge by perceiving themselves as one of the only members of the
profession dealing with their particular issue. Rebecca Lockwood – Jackman, Nazami & Associates: The techniques that I employ now comes very much from me and from my own rituals because I realized that part of the problem with my
depression and my struggles were the fact that I was looking to everybody else for everything.
For my happiness, for my validation, for my support. And I wasn’t… getting any of that
from myself. [music] [text on screen] Building resilience through
proactive wellness habits erects a foundation of wellness which increases one’s ability
to cope with the stresses of life. Orlando Da Silva – Counsel at Ontario Ministry
of the Attorney General: Just this term as President of the OBA, making
this an issue, and seeing how many people care about it because of their own condition
or someone they know and love. That is more therapeutic than anything I’ve ever done before.
I feel like it’s a worthwhile cause and it makes me feel very good about what we’re doing. Michele H. Hollins, Q.C. – President, Canadian
Bar Association: The stigma of mental illness and the lack
of insight into depression, anxiety, and stress, is still very prevalent in the legal profession.
The Canadian Bar Association is very pleased to be partnering with the Mood Disorder Society
of Canada and Bell Let’s Talk to develop this online education program in an effort to eliminate
the stigma and to provide educational tools to members of the legal profession in areas
related to mental illness, mental health, and addictions. [music] [text on screen] Here’s to your mental health.
Start the course today at: www.cba.org/wellness