hey what's going on guys it's Sam cooperative walk with us here and welcome to day one a mental detox challenge now some of you guys are might be thinking what is this all about right so traditionally our youtube channel has been about real estate investing but we are a big fan of personal development improving yourself optimizing your life to where you can go ahead and make an impact and change and help other people out there so one of the first things that we want to do as an introduction tell you why exactly why we were doing this and one of the reasons why I've decided to do this is in fact one of my good mentors told me Sam make sure before you end the day you know that you can your one percent better than you were yesterday and another reason why I've decided to start the series for the next 21 days now I'll give you a little aimer we may not be consistent as much because I know we got the holidays coming in we have weekend so I would try to do our best to keep this every single day but I won't necessarily be able to so the another reason why I've decided to start this series and launch this series in fact we initially started this in Facebook but one of the main reasons why I decided to start this is because there's a lot of negativity out there on social media of Facebook I mean you you go on any news channel there's not a day a single day that you know they're not talking about politics or you know someone bashing someone you know someone's dying whatever I mean those are all unfortunate events but what ultimately hands up ends up happening is it starts to create toxicity in our brain right it creates toxicity in a way that we think and it impacts the productivity our ability to go and grow and impact and help others and when you constantly feed yourself with negative information critical information information that isn't necessarily productive in our business what ends up happening is what you when you feed your brain comes back out manifested into more negativity complaints and criticisms we want to be people that are positive know we're positive or encouraging other people or motivating all the people or inspiring other people and we want to be a success story and a lot of times these negative information on news channels certain TV shows or music they don't really align with the goals that we want to achieve so here's well it's gonna be what's gonna go down the next 21 days or yeah I'm certain days may skip we're gonna cover some key topics they're going to not only improve you but also improve your business because my philosophy is the more improve yourself you're gonna also improve your business as a by-product so the first day today what we can talk about is from the rules some information about what's gonna happen in the next 21 days if you decide to partake enjoying on this challenge and I'm gonna officially call this the 21 days of mental detox challenge so if you ever want to be more if you want to be more clear and you're thinking you're more positive you're more optimistic you are inspiring motivational and you just radiate love for other people this is the video series we want to stick around and what definitely want to watch may not necessarily have to do with real estate but what I will tell you is that you will gradually experience this this transformation within yourself that ultimately you gonna start you know reflecting that on all the people so day one as this is the first day we're doing this is it's about information diet and information diet is just like your physical diet you know if you want to lose weight or gain muscles or you want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger you know be would have benched 500 pounds right you're gonna have to eat certain type of food in order to achieve certain physical goals right I mean if you want to lose 30 pounds you're not gonna go to you know a certain donut store and buy dozens of donuts and go on a marathon with donuts definitely not right if you want to lower your blood sugar level obviously you don't want to go and eat all the candy in the world so there are certain goals and there's certain types of food that you don't want to consume you want to substitute right for healthier vegetables healthy fat healthy protein those are the type of food air you want to consume to become physically healthy well same is true with their mind right if you want to have a healthy mindset if you want to have a mindset that's productive you want to feed your brain your mind with good healthy information if you want to grow so unlike I'm like one other you know videos of that we've created which is more so about real estate investing techniques and strategies this is about working on you which you are the most important real estate that you have to take care of right this body right I'm a Christian believer myself so I believe that my body my mind is a temple as a holy temple so we have to do our best to protect our mind our physical well-being and all that is very important even before we go and touch our first real estate deal or our next real estate deal so here's what the information dye is all about for the next 21 days if you choose to participate with me and join me on this journey is we're gonna cut back on some of the information that we're getting whether that's magazines newspaper certain types of media rights definitely cutting back on social media for sure and cutting back on the people that I criticize you for what you want to do as your dream right if your dream and if your ambition is to go on in and start creating a real estate investment business or invest in real estate and there's haters out there write your own family member your friends telling you that this can't be done right you know they may tell you hey listen just do your job worry about that and do that right and they don't really want to encourage you with your real estate investment journey well part of the information diet is to cut back from those people right you can still love them you still care for them but there's a difference in protecting your dreams and guarding your your heart versus letting some of these people affect how you think and how you operate so here's what the information that looks like ultimately no more news right unless you're you're reading some sort of a financial journal like Wall Street Journal that I would say is okay because you may want to pay attention to some of the market activities but anything like People magazine cosmetology right nothing wrong with those magazines but not really effective to what we're trying to do as real estate investors and not to preneur another thing you want to cut back is a news channel so no more CNN no more Fox News then won't be BC none of that right we're gonna stick with some some new content that I'm gonna I'm gonna suggest you guys know more certain radio know more certain music right if you're all about helping people and lift the human condition and inspiring people then you probably don't want to listen to music that involves with killing people or disrespecting somebody right well there whatever right both sides of gender we don't want it we don't want to be listening to music like that because it ultimately affects your subconscious it affects your thinking whether you know it or not so we want to do we want to do our best to protect ourselves in that manner now I may sound like a crazy information Nazi that's not what I'm trying to hear with you guys ultimately I want to lay this choice on you right I want to make sure that you guys are aware that you're not being thrown at as far as what you consume I want you guys to be cognizant and aware of the choices that you make right if you are gonna watch TMZ okay not really helpful when you're roasting investing business but if that's your choice then you know I I got nothing but to respect your choice right but if your goal is to ultimately become a successful real estate investor and business owner probably not the best choice so here's what you can substitute those those videos with or it was content you know if you're listening to certain radio if you're watching certain type of program on TV you can always substitute with some motivational YouTube right you guys are early here I applaud you guys for being here but you guys can go and substitute some of these news channel with real estate investing podcasts right you can listen to the ours you can listen to some of the other real estate investing podcasts but whatever you do do it so that it's aligned with the goals that you have to improve your business so another thing is you can listen to motivational speeches motivational talk some of my favorite places to go listen and watch is Ted Wright TEDx talks I love listening to Ted education I know there's a lot of different YouTube channels I can kind of recommend I'll go and put that in the link description box once we're done here you can listen to and read books okay that are healthy for you right I'm not talking about 50 shades of grey or Harry Potter right I'm not knocking those books but again if your goal if you if the direction where you want ahead is all about growth and roasting busting then you gotta choose what to consume wisely because after all we we only have 24 I know it sounds cliche to say that but you know time is a limited source we have to choose wisely as to where we're going to spend our time are our minutes in investing we it's really important so instead of doing you know watching certain types of program that attracts you from your goals getting with the program of listening to inspirational inspirational podcast inspirational speeches motivational speeches something learn something new every day right like today I was watching TEDx talk on education in the philosophy and what we needed to change our public education much of it I agree so listen watch consume read hear listen let absorb information that's positive inspirational it helps you become a rose better real sing Buster helps you become a better person because I guarantee you watching the CNN the fox news will not make you a better person right unless they dramatically change your content I have to disagree a lot of what what the media is trying to do so guys I'm going to wrap up this this video in the conversation by saying choose wisely as to what information you you consume right it's it's it's very important that that we are guarding what we put in our minds because ultimately what's in our mind like I've mentioned is gonna come back out of your mouth ten times fold right your brain tends to grow so when you put your information your subconscious Rob Stewart digest it makes it amplifies it and it comes back out so if you find yourself criticizing people you find yourself talking smack if you find yourself you know being negative that's that's probably because you've consumed negative information like a whole lot right so that's first day guys call to action and and the question that you should ask yourself is what information are you currently consuming that's not helping you with becoming a successful business owner slash roast investor right what sort of information so do an information inventory take a look at your day and say okay if I'm on my smartphone and I'm going through my laptop or tablet whatever maybe whatever maybe how much of that time is going towards watching consuming negative on original information versus how much of that is going towards Ashley me learning something and becoming someone that I want to become to become a successful person so ask yourself that question and start to take that inventory and if you start to notice that you're you're consuming a lot of negative information then start swapping right start to make that transition of consuming healthy positive motivational inspirational information inside now watching this video is a start right because I want to help you guys become more positive and inspirational round you know your community and your family alright so this video is gonna be started so tomorrow we're gonna come back to doing day 2 where we're gonna talk about what what I like to call information Kido where we're gonna start to identify it a little bit more as far as what do we want to consume what information do we want to add into our inventory of every day because it really starts with investing here before you invest out there with real estate stocks or whatever you want to invest so guys that's pretty much it I pawn you guys for being here congratulations for making that decision to watch this through I know usually we do our real estate investing videos but this I'm gonna dedicate towards helping you personally individually for those watching this become a better person now I'm not saying you're a bad person now I'm sure all of you guys are great you guys are very lovable you guys all deserve and you guys are all magnificent magnificent because I believe that you guys are all creation of the Almighty God and I know all of you guys are beautiful you guys are you guys are appreciated so I don't want to I don't want to downplay who you are now but we have to understand that ultimately iron Sharps iron right we want to grow together even I I have to say I'm not perfect either so you know if you guys have any feedback for this series would greatly appreciate it I would I would you know greatly loved you guys if you give us some feedback on how to make this series better so guys thank you so much for tuning in thank you so much for being on live I will see you guys in the next video and stick around and be sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs like so you can continue doing our videos and helping you guys in any way possible all right have a good night guys