Hey guys, it’s Bex here and I am so excited
to be back for another video in my series, You Have 4 Minutes for Meditation. I’ve been gone for a while. I took a break
at the end of my pregnancy. But Baby Borucki is here and I’m so in love with
her. You can see pictures of her on Instagram and on my Facebook page. And today, I’m
going to be doing a meditation that comes kind of by request from all of you. I have
about 30 plus great meditation requests in the queue that I am so anxious to make for
all of you guys. But today, I wanted to combine some of the
subjects into one big subject that all of us can relate to, stress. We are going to
be doing a recline, meaning lying down in meditation for stress so you will be able
to relax and meditate that stress away. I know I’ve been dealing with some of it myself,
being a new mom and writing a book and getting back to work. And I know all of you guys have
lots of stuff going on in your life. So, let’s get started. Begin your meditation by placing yourself
in a comfortable position. Make sure that all parts of your body are supported. Lie
back and begin to imagine your body melting into the floor or the mat or your mattress.
Scan your body from the top of your head down to your toes and as the scan passes each part
of your body, relax the muscles and melt into the surface that you’re lying on. Your head, shoulders, torso, everything is
melting, hips, thighs, knees, calves, and down through your feet. Pay attention to what
your breath is doing. Focus on your inhales and exhales. Any time as you relax into this
meditation, your breath will change on its own. There will be sounds that come up in this
video and in your own environment. You don’t have to tune them out completely. Just allow
them as part of the space that you’re in right now. As you go deeper into meditation,
they will disappear. Allow yourself to be part of your environment,
the temperature, the sounds all are here to serve you in this meditation. Nothing is here
to distract you or prevent you from feeling good. Everything in this moment is in service
to you and your relaxation. Continue to pay attention to your inhales and exhales, just
observing them without judgment, allowing them to just be. This is the theme for today’s
meditation, non-judgment, observation, and allowing. Stress is something that can affect us all.
It doesn’t make us good or bad, effective or ineffective. We’ve all fallen victim
to stress and stressors. Let us look at stressful situations in a different way, in a way that
serves us and helps us to grow. Today, I want you to allow all situations,
stressful and non-stressful to come into your life. And also, allow yourself to let go of
the things that don’t serve you. When we place walls up around us to block the things
that are stressful, we can also block the things that are good for us. So today, we
will allow with non-judgment and let go easily of the things that don’t serve us. Now, let me offer you today’s mantras. I
observe all situations with non-judgment. What is is what is. I allow all situations
to come in. I allow all information to come in. And I let go of what doesn’t serve me.
I observe all situations with non-judgment. I allow all to come in and I let go of what
doesn’t serve me. Imagine your body as a vessel that things
just pass through. It’s not a container for holding. It’s a portal where all energy
not good, not bad, just energy flowing through you back and forth freely like the tides,
easy like the wind. Maybe holding on for a moment to something that feels good and then
letting it go. The holding on of what feels good allows us
to feel happiness, relieves us of stress, but letting everything go, the so-called good
and the bad allows us to be stress-free. We’re not holding on to anything after a while. I observe all situations with non-judgment.
I allow all to come in. I release all that doesn’t serve me. Now, observe how deep
and long your inhales and exhales are, how easy they flow from one to another, how they
fill up your chest and your belly. How the inhales feels so wonderful and warm. How the
exhales allow your body to melt into the floor or your mat or your mattress. All the heaviness
that you’re carrying before the meditation has been released. Your body is so soft and
comfortable. Nothing is rigid or stiff. One more inhale to open your eyes if you wish. And that’s all there is to it. It is easy
to meditate. It is that easy to relieve stress in just a few minutes a day. If you have any
meditation request for me, please leave them in the comment below or you can find me on
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I love hearing from you guys every single day. And until
next time, stay blessed in. I love you guys.