When you start with Medicare Part B you
qualify for a Welcome to Medicare visit, and then every year after that you can
come in for a wellness visit. It’s basically a visit to get people up to
date with their preventative care. You’d be surprised you know there’s
people that come in and they have had some illness in their life and those
patients basically seem to keep up with all their routine testing. A lot of the
people that are healthy never come in. I think it’s advantageous for them to
come in and to stay up to date with their preventive health. I think that’s
the way that our health is going you know. Take care of yourself so that you
can avoid all these big illnesses later on. Colonoscopies, vaccines, yearly labs–
these things are all preventative. Mammograms, DEXA scans for the women, prostate exams for the men. They’re a little bit longer visit than just coming
in for you know a cold or a cough because we go through the whole chart. We
check vaccines and all that. I enjoy those visits because I– I get to know the