I appreciate with Mosaic that they see our community as people as their people. You know it’s kind of a practice what you preach kind of scenario for me. I think the organization is very giving in the community and that makes a big difference. I know it’s kind of, I call it grass roots. We have the fourth grade challenge where we actually go in to the fourth grades and they promote exercise and things like that. Mosaic also works fairly closely with our food bank here in town, Second Harvest. We have mobile food clinics that we do where the caregivers can volunteer and they go and help hand out food during separate times of the year. We were driving by Edison School just the other day and they have the gardens in the grade schools and things like that and they were out working in the garden. What seem to be small investments are huge investments. It makes sense for the organization, and I think it’s drawn the community closer to the hospital. We have a really really rich history in St. Joe. Lots of great architecture and just incredible history. I know St. Joseph as a whole is trying to enrich the downtown area. And then Mosaic is taking probably one of the buildings
that has the essence of St. Joe’s rich rich history
and bringing it back to something magnificent. Our German American American building is absolutely beautiful. I think it turned out amazing. And it’s really kind of changed I feel like it’s changed the culture of our downtown area a little bit. It’s really bringing businesses there. I think about the guy at Mokaska who is just supplying coffee to some of the cafes around here. And the week that we all moved in to the German American building he decided to start selling his coffee on his own. It’s been really exciting just to see all of these businesses come together and say you know we can all benefit from this, all thrive and make our downtown somewhere fantastic to be. Bring our families and bring our friends. It’s really exciting to see. Mosaic’s presence in the community is just it’s very positive. They are very focused on the St. Joe area and very much a part of who St. Joe is.