We’ve had a lot of great conversations
over that past couple of years with the McMaster Students Union as well as student affairs there was a desire to have a student space that students could gather in, students are always looking for space in the student center and we felt like it was a good match with wellness education to have a space where students could come, lounge, relax, have a tea a little bit quieter than the main floor of the student center, but also be able to access wellness resources we wanted to really focus on a space
that provided, almost a reprieve, and a break and a pause from some of the things students are managing and also a space where they can link in with some of the resources So my colleagues and myself at the Student Wellness Centre are very willing to chat with
students, to see where they’re at and to see if we can find a link to resources that are on campus. So the Student Wellness Centre is broken up into three parts there are medical services where you can get anything that you’d get at your regular family doctor,
there’s counselling services where we have a team of counsellors and psychologists and we also have wellness education and wellness education is kinda the
house for the SWELL, the Student Wellness Education Lower Lounge. It’s definitely a lounge space for students, students come in here and they sit on the coaches, they use the
microwave, they use the kettle, and then they can always browse the
resources or attend one of the programs that are happening in the space or speak to one of the wellness
educators like me. students are whole people and that
includes their physical health, that includes the things that they’re
interested in, that includes their social interaction, and absolutely includes their mental health.
And so, we feel like with the services that we
provide in Student Wellness Centre as well as a number of other services that are support services on campus they’re all there to provide resources and support in relations to students mental health and that in turn will definitely impact
positively student success