Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the Internet in our opinion of course Bob Today Brad, we’re gonna talk about the McKenzie method for treating your own knee pain now We’ve talked about Robin McKenzie a lot because he’s been our mentor with back pain and neck pain But he also gets into the extremities, and this method is really actually very successful. I just used it on my wife She thought I was a genius. I go Mckenzie’s a genius, your wife thought this? Yeah this is good. This is good. This is a step in the right direction so We’re gonna go ahead right after we do this introduction here By the way if you are new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain free and we upload every day, also go over to Facebook and Like us because it’s a sad story, we as children were not liked, I think Brad was even spit upon So we’re trying to turn things around, so let’s start off with the first one Brad the first thing I want you to do if you’re having knee pain is I want you to compare the range of motion in the knee That’s affecting you to the better knee, see if they Straighten out the same and see if they bend the same Yeah, well you might be better at this Brad than I would with your white stripe on there Yeah my wife just got these Bob. What do you think? Yeah I like then we can see, then we could see some motion a little better than with our drabby black pants So this you can see you know is the knee going perfectly straight Or does it not get fully straight and sometimes it’s hard to tell, it may be like this for a long time You’re used to it. So you may compare to the other knee. Let’s say This is the one that goes straight and the other one you can see, it just has a slight and sometimes It’s just very very slight Maybe if one is raised compared to the other It’s tight, and then you can also do the same with bending, you can pull it up, and sometimes It’s a feel isn’t it Brad? I like to do this one laying down because you can relax And you can kind of see How close does your heel get to your butt on this side? You know like here I can get it to touch, but say on this one I get this far and I got a gap here It’s very clear. You know it could be one of those measurements, and again sometimes it feels tighter Yeah You can just tell, so the whole idea here is McKenzie has like eight nine exercises And the whole idea is you’re gonna try to find the exercise that actually relieves the pain And this is what you want to look for: if it feels better while you’re doing it and after Obviously, that’s a good one to do, is it true Also that the range of motion improves with the exercise? Right And if you get even a slight improvement in range of motion in your knee a lot of times that’ll result in decreased pain I mean They work together, the other thing is let’s say it hurts while you’re doing the exercise but feels better afterwards That’s still the correct exercise to do okay, so let you stretch out and ow ow But then you get up and walk out and it’s like oh that helps clearly feels better Then it’s okay so the third scenario of course is the pain increases while you’re doing it And it hurts afterwards, no That’s not a good, take that exercise and toss that one, so it’s kind of you know you can start off You can start off try number one, and if it works out fine And it kind of hits a plateau go to number two number three number four it’s kind of a progression here The first one is real simple Brad you’re gonna Just do active knee extension so you’re gonna be in the chair And you can go ahead, just straighten the knee out hold it for five seconds and then relax Hold it for five seconds and then relax I can see with this I’m on a stool, but I would be more comfortable if I had a chair Probably a chair with armrests So you have some support like yourself, exactly and you can also do this I wasn’t prepared for this But I’ll take this instead, you can put a rolled towel underneath your knee or a coffee can A big rolled towel here that we just rolled up and you can go ahead and do with the knee extension this way sure one two three four five and What you can do With these is you could do ten of these and you can do them every hour if you want So if you’re in the chair it’s really easy to do it in the office chair and and see does your knee feel better at the end of the day or the next couple days does it feel better and again follow the rules, if it feels good when you’re done or while you’re doing them and Afterwards it’s good, or if it feels good after you’re doing them, but again if it hurts while you’re doing them and afterwards You’re not gonna do it. Yeah. You’re done with it then, all right next one Let’s say that worked out fine but you’re still getting some knee pain Let’s go to the next one which is knee extension with overpressure now Overpressure? Yep, you can actually put your foot up on Maybe another a stool Or I don’t know another chair would probably be too high wouldn’t it, it all depends on the flexibility of the person, but yeah It is nice to do this one On a stool that moves a little bit, right it is Yeah, because it allows the stool to move So what you gonna do is gonna put pressure you can put go above the knee and below the knee if you want or you can just go above the knee and you’re gonna go pressure on pressure off pressure on Pressure off, we actually have you say the words because that tells you how long to do it, and you’re gonna do ten of these And you can see Bob is above and below the kneecap, that’s a good hand placement Now you can also do it without a stool you can just go ahead and put your Legs straight on the ground like this and go ahead and pressure on pressure off pressure on pressure off So then if that works, and again You’re doing better, the next progression would actually be to do it standing Brad, so you could actually do it on the stool And you’re gonna go pressure on Pressure off pressure on pressure off or you can go like this Pressure on keep good posture in your back keep your back straight This might be good to do in a stairwell I was just gonna mention that Brad that’s exactly what my wife did She did it on a stairwell and she did this little variation I’m gonna show you right now So she’s on the stairs she was getting pain on the inside of her knee so I had her actually turn the leg out like this, you see how my foot is turning, you’d be better for this Brad maybe you have whites on the bottom So he’s turning his foot out a little bit, and now he’s doing the pressure on and pressure off See if it bends a little or straightens a little more feels a little bit better, if it does that’s the option or that’s the Modification we could go this and you can go internal rotation too so you can see in this case He turned it in, again you’re gonna experiment, you’re gonna see which one works, which one works for you, in my case this feels much better. I don’t have a knee problem, That’s a good judge right there to tell alright The next one is going to be knee flexion, so we did all the straightening now We’re gonna try some knee bending and you’re gonna start with that seated so what you’re gonna Do is you’re gonna go ahead and grab your ankle like this and you’re gonna pull towards you and again do the pressure on pressure off pressure on Pressure off now does it matter if you put your hands here or more up here? It’s better at the ankle because you’re really gonna get that squeeze, a little more leverage. Yeah, you’re gonna get more leverage I imagine some people might have trouble with that Brad, I don’t know if we can use this stretch out strap for that We recommend the strap a lot of times just for stretching overall and what you could do Is you could get down here and now you got loops and you can pull it toward you if you’re having trouble If you didn’t have a strap you can use a towel A towel’s a little hard to hold onto, but it works Yep, works out good, so that’s gonna be the same thing, you can do these every hour if you want Obviously you probably won’t be able to but you can do it up to five times a day then maybe you know if you can’t do them ever hour and ten repetitions Is this one we can do a little rotation on too? I don’t know that he mentioned that but I bet you why not? I mean Well if it’s one of those things if you do it And you get more range of motion and it feels better We’ll call that the Heineck method there you go So then after you’ve done it in standing you can also do it of course on a chair. You can go ahead and Do it like this and stretch forward a little bit like this And then even believe it or not oh, I forgot to show the one variation Brad with the towel even when you’re seated or when you’re Standing you can actually get up and put a little more leverage, you put a rolled towel underneath you like this and go like this It’s just gonna put a little bit different force on the knee and so you might even try this variation, it’s actually gonna gap that joint, I agree and you could do it standing like this too Where you would put it underneath, and you know go forward a little bit. They even had people you know Doing a little bit of this Brad going back onto the knee if they wanted to try that, as long as it Responds properly feel good while you’re doing it and when you’re done So that’s basically all the range of motion ones now They wanted you to start some strengthening too and this is one that they recommended Brad is that they said you could go up Take your chair up to a door so the door would be like this you’re gonna be the door Brad Here, if this was like a door Yeah, and I would grab the handles The knobs and that way I could lower myself down With control And I could also pull myself up, so to give you a little bit of Relief off the foot and I would try to keep your knee again around 90 degrees As opposed to bent greater than 90, make sure you’re wearing footwear so your feet don’t slide. Yeah, and make sure the door’s gonna hold you yeah, good strong solid door so Alright, the next one Brad is you could just do some squatting without the door of course um You know we might have something for balance. You could go to the cupboard and we’re just going to, just some shallow squats so it doesn’t irritate the knee If you knee’s sore this may be way too much, but we’ll start shallow, good posture with the upper body, not all hunched over I have to be honest Brad, I really like the ball on the wall for this yeah You mind showing this? Oh on one of the comments One of our viewers is saying you were doing this and you said your wife just loves doing these and you like to watch her do these Something to the effect that it was funny, okay So I like watching my wife Do the exercise, well I think that idea was maybe you should be doing it too Like are you getting stronger because you watch it, yeah, but anyway we do read the comments We just don’t have time to answer em, okay here we go Look at this. Oh, so you can really keep see The knee is not going beyond the foot, right it’s not here. I got this right here Bob So he’s not going like That yeah, right we want to get the foot out Again, you have to have shoes that don’t slip on the floor, that’s why I didn’t want to do it today because I got the slippery shoes and there we go and then watch from This far at the most, its pain tolerated, if you get pain then it’s time to go back up Yeah, if it’s feeling good You want to get stronger, even then you don’t want to go past 90 degrees in the knee even if it’s feeling good Yeah, I have to be honest It’s almost worthwhile getting a ball just for that reason, I mean seriously just to do squats Well yeah, and you know me Bob. I’m a big fan of the ball. Yeah I know you do a lot of exercises on it. You can do some off the stairs, too You can do what they call one-legged ones where you can just step up from the side up to the up to the stairs And they even had it where you’re going off the front of the step and back But I don’t really like that one Brad. I just don’t Yeah, I would prefer to do the side one I think the big thing with this is the mechanics of the knee, make sure well We’re looking at that knee stays over the toe and it does not go inward. What I don’t like, see how much I’m bending I’m making an executive decision here. I’m not gonna do that way All right, remember everybody we can fix just about anything except for a broken heart You got room to put it up that high? I’m hoping. Maybe I’ll put it down Thanks for watching