At Matrix, we believe in better. We believe in creating solutions to real world problems, your problems. We believe in approachable design and innovation. And it’s this drive to innovate that inspires us to creatively solve the problems that others may ignore. We didn’t invent the elliptical, but we did make it better. By listening to you, our customers, we looked at the elliptical differently, with fresh eyes. We learned that ellipticals don’t have to have wheels – that a suspension design can deliver a better, exhilarating workout experience while minimizing machine wear, maintenance, and down-time. Being different makes all the difference. What makes the new Matrix Suspension Elliptical different? Our exclusive constant rate of acceleration delivers a perpetually smooth, fluid motion for users. Our patented suspension design eliminates wheels and tracks, thus eliminating friction and maintenance-of heavy parts. The Suspension Elliptical simulates the true contralateral movement that users experience while walking and running for the most natural feel available. The dual-action handlebars provide a dynamic, total-body workout. The pedals allow natural ankle flexion, to reduce the foot tingling sensation produced by other machines. The rotational disks are easily removed for quick access to internal components, reducing down-time. We’ve packed all of this functionality into a footprint that’s smaller than the original to take up less space on your floor. And if all that weren’t enough, the Suspension Elliptical is completely self-powered and cord-free, which will not only help save money and the planet, but also allows for freedom of placement within your facility. These are just a few of the details we re-engineered on the all new Matrix Suspension Elliptical. To learn more about the other enhancements we’ve made, visit By believing in better, we can reshape the fitness industry. We’re confident that once you experience the Matrix Suspension Elliptical, you’ll believe in better, too.