At Matrix, we believe in better. We believe in creating solutions to real world problems, your problems. We believe in approachable design and innovation. And it’s this drive to innovate that inspires us to creatively solve the problems that others may ignore. We didn’t set out to simply make a better climb machine; our goal was to create the BEST climb machine on the market. To achieve that, we listened – to you and your service techs. We uncovered your problems, your pet peeves. And we fixed them in an innovative, beautiful way. The Matrix way. So, what really makes the new Matrix ClimbMill better? Our exclusive sweat management system was designed to track sweat away from the user and critical components, thus prolonging the life of the product. As the sweat channels down the track, it collects in a removable cleaning tray, keeping your facility floor clean. For added peace of mind, our control zone features a sensor that stops the step rotation when triggered by an object or person. Truly innovation at work, our exclusive step position software ensures the steps will lock at the lowest possible point for the user to easily step on and off the product. Our steps are a full 10 inches deep to accommodate a wide range of users, and color variations are used to aid the user in proper foot placement. The ergo form grips, with integrated pause, stop, and resistance controls, enhance comfort and make it easier to make changes at any time during the workout. From the modular drive train, to the sealed motorcycle chain with a reversible bearing track, the Matrix ClimbMill is easier to service and requires less maintenance. It even features an access panel that can be quickly removed using a common coin. And service technicians will appreciate the integrated service light that provides better visibility to internal components. And if that weren’t enough, the ClimbMill boasts an oil-free ECB modular drive system for quiet operation and maintenance-free performance. With its strong construction, smart features and beautiful design, the Matrix ClimbMill rises above the competition. To learn more, visit By believing in better, we can reshape the fitness industry. We’re confident that once you experience the Matrix ClimbMill, you’ll believe in better, too.