>>I’m a second career student and it was
my goal to be a registered dietician.>>I’m Katy Soper and I’m a recent graduate
from the University of Central Oklahoma, with a Masters degree in Nutrition and Food Science.>>The nutrition and food science masters
program here at UCO has two different tracks. There is the internship track and there is
the thesis track. I actually did the internship track because I learn by doing.>>When I started this masters program, the
area of dietetics that I was focused on was education and community. I love to be able
to apply that knowledge that I’ve gained to the general public.>>I’m able to do one on one nutrition sessions.
I’m able to do group classes. I’m able even to do lunch and learns where I’m educating
my peers.>>And so this program really helped me focus
in on what my desires professionally were.>>The graduate program for Nutrition and
Food Science is so well-designed.>>We are able to get our hands-on experiences
at our clinics and our hospitals during the day and our food management and clinical rotations
and then at night, we come here and we learn the classroom work, which we can then apply
the next day to our internship. It is such a well-rounded, balanced program.>>Once you meet the faculty and once you
see how user-friendly the program is and how they truly want you to succeed.>>What I love about the University of Central
Oklahoma is we’re able to get our internship and our masters in that same year.>>Our internship is an ASCEND accredited
program and so, that requires 1200 hours of practice that’s in food management, community
and clinical in addition to the 32 hours of graduate work.>>Although it is a very intense program you’re
going to do your internship during the day and learning classwork at night, it is so
real-world. It helped prepare me for the R.D. exam.>>So, our pass rate here at the University
of Central Oklahoma for the R.D. exam is 100 percent that’s amazing. And, our employment
after graduation is 100%. I think that speaks volumes for this program. How well-prepared
we are not only for a national board exam – but also, to be employed.>>I actually was even hired before I graduated
which I think really attests to the program here that we are so well prepared that I did
a rotation on my internship and was hired by that preceptor.>>As a registered dietician, I get to help
people learn about healthy eating.>>It’s about helping them gain knowledge
that can change their life and their family’s life for nutrition.>>I am here today as an RD practicing because
of the University of Central Oklahoma. ^M00:02:55:03 [ MUSIC ] ^M00:03:00:27