Again, Nutrition you can absorb 300-400 calories an hour safely. You can work that number up, if you train yourself to take in more
calories, you’ve done it in training. But again, that’s why it’s so
important to have that aerobic base so you can utilize fastest fuel in the race, because that’s your.. At 700 calories an hour being burned, that’s
about where you’re going to be able to absorb if you’re getting half of your
carbohydrate. Glucose is the only sugar that absorbs passively. Most sport drinks are made heavily on maltodextrin. Maltodextrin, has to break down to glucose before it can
absorb, and that’s why you get a backup. In training all the sport drinks work
wonderfully because it’s low stress. You know there’s no training session,
no long bike ride that you will ever do in training that has the same stress level as that
ride in the ironman. So what happens? Training, your digestive
systems working perfectly, you get in the race you’re under stress,
digestive system stops you drink that maltodextrin sport drink
and it’s sitting there waiting to break down, but it’s not breaking down and
you’re not getting energy. So you think I’m feeling like I’m gonna
bunk, I better take some more and you throw more on top of it. And 3-8 stations later you look like
you’re pregnant. Eight station after that it all comes back up. So that’s part of why it’s very challenging to find stuff
that actually works in hot long races. Troubleshooting if you can have a source
of glucose are, glucose tablets, there’s drinks that are more glucose base, that’s the way to go. Obviously if you don’t have that, try Coke that hold a lot of people through tough
moments and ironman. Sodium, if you’re eating and you’re drinking and you know these things absorbing, and you’re just feeling sluggish like you
can’t focus and you can’t coordinate that mind to muscle, neurological connection. Chances are you getting on sodium, have a
source a sodium, have salt tablets, have salt tablets that you can put
on your tongue and taste. And suck on those things into your body says okay
that’s enough, and a lot of times that will also get things absorbing again too. If people having
a problem with bloating, try salt tablet, a lot times that can work, okay. These are simple things, the coke and the salt,
but they can be huge in turning your athlete’s race around.