1:43 8 come on what's up guys and welcome back to another episode of total running productions and today we're doing things a little bit different so I decided to go out to my local track and see how long I could run the world-record pace for the marathon now the world record is 2 hours 1 minute and 39 seconds ran by Ellie Kentucky in 2018 this means that Kip shogi averaged four minutes and 38 seconds per mile for 26.2 straight miles without stopping now let's translate this into a track workout this 4 minute and 38 second per mile pace is sixty nine point five seconds for 400 meters which is one lap or about thirty four point seven five seconds for 200 meters which is half a lap so for my specific workout I attempted to run a 200 meters and thirty-four point seven five seconds followed by a four hundred meters and sixty nine point five then a six hundred and one forty four and eight hundred and two nineteen and here are the rest of the times all the way up to the mile and between each repetition I took a two-minute break to try and catch my breath so without further ado let's get to the track I want to challenge NIC Simmons Zack Leavitt and the athlete special that's you Spencer I'm talking to you remember it's 200 400 600 800 two-minute rest in between my goal is to make it up to the mile mark four minutes and 38 seconds we'll see but yeah I want to send out a challenge to all you guys so see you on the track there we go 108 point 8 beautiful that's what the haters say I don't think anybody's hating on you dying from doing one this is dj khaled style all right to break through the 1,000 meters I started to slip a little bit there Reina to 19.8 with 800 I think this 1k might be it gotta get a 250 to challenge 200 400 800 438 per mile whoever sends me the best videos total gratin productions of gmail.com I definitely will give a shout-out to someone who if you make it to the two mile mark congratulations you're fast all right so I fell a little short but I got through 800 meters I'm happy I challenge you all how far can you make it and how embarrassing can you make it like me like and subscribe I challenge my girlfriend to run one 200 meters she's been laughing this whole time I'm gonna see how far she can make it so give me the camera let's see how far she can make it thirty four point seven five all right challenge accepted alright so to give you some context my beautiful girlfriend Yunus who is doing a striptease for us has run a single 5k and at one-mile race in her running career so this is new territory for her we're gonna queue up a little picture of Elliot cryptokey right here and she's gonna challenge him yeah take your time stretch out we'll come back to you when you're ready you're doing it absolutely perfectly I think you're gonna make it she goes three two guys she is actually wrong you did great I'm so proud right now oh she's oh oh she's out goodnight how did the 39 feel she's into good shape I'm telling you that's not that's that's above average