Stress is a major cause of disease in our
life. Research shows at Harvard University and Columbia University have shown us that
the release technique can eliminate the stress thus giving us longer, healthier life right
now. I’m Dr. David Durand. I’m Director of Surgical
Pathology at Stonybrook University Hospital. That brings up a lot of stress. In order to
deal with that I’ve used the release technique and I’m able to let go of stress like that.
You can do the same thing. You can use the technique in your own job and let go of stress
immediately. I recommend the abundance course to anyone
who finds himself dissatisfied with the results they’re getting with their life in spite of
their best efforts. In our labs we have confirmed that people utilizing the release technique
are guided to achieve these states to maintain them permanently. Health wise I haven’t been sick for probably
three years. Glasses the last time I went in to get my eyes checked, my eyes are better.
Any aches or pains that come up you just release the aches and pain and they disappear. I got results. I got benefits. I got happy
and I stopped worrying. I can unequivocally recommend this course
for anyone who wants to make improvements in their life. I had the worst allergies you could possibly
imagine. Then I took the release technique and they’re completely gone. I’ve had headaches for 30 years and I’ve
not had a pill or headache since I’ve started this course. This is what is so nice about the release
program. It’s simple yet it’s laid step by step how to release your emotions, your
fears and your anger. It’s all released step by step. Larry Crane, Executive Trial: Make the single
most effective investment in your life by discovering and using this precious in born
gift. I want you to know that I’m strongly committed to helping you and teaching you
everything I’ve learned and proven. Be willing to invest in yourself and as you begin to
unlock this natural ability in your life I know you’ll find greater happiness and fulfilment.
In fact if you don’t agree simply return it. I’ll be happy that you at least decided
to give it a try. This is the real deal and I will tell you
that Larry Crane and the release course is just been fabulous and I highly recommend
it to anybody that’s thinking about changing their lives and making it more positive. At first I was sceptical about it but I will
tell anyone get past that. This is a fantastic course. It’s a fantastic technique. Get
past the scepticism and do it. I personally lost about 35 pounds after I
took the release technique. I knew it was the thing that I’ve been looking
for and believe me I’ve spent a lot of money on other things over the years. I haven’t
needed to buy one more thing since then. I used it to find the man of my dreams. I
did and I married him. Our marriage is actually better than my highest expectations of what
a good marriage could be and my expectations were pretty high. It helped me quit smoking with an ease that
I couldn’t believe possible. These skills will allow you to fall in love
with yourself. It’s worth every penny. It’s worth every moment that you invest in learning
and using these skills. Unmasking and basically unravelling a lot
of what people believe are complex problems Larry crane has a way to make them appear
more simple and more solvable by using the release technique. I think the thing that I didn’t expect is
how well I sleep now had nothing to do why I wanted to do the course but I get to bed
and then I start releasing and I’m asleep in less than a minute every night. When you take that course you’re going to
change your life. If you want to get rid of all your worries this is the course that can
show you how to get rid of them. What you have to gain is that your dreams can come
true. I’m doing this testimony to share to the world because I feel so good I feel
I could help somebody else. The abundance course is a ticket to freedom. It’s a ticket
to feeling good. It’s a ticket to recognizing your worth and to actually enjoin what you
have in life.