Let’s talk about yoga mats. The three
yoga mats that we’re gonna be talking about today
all the Manduka Pro, the Manduka PROlite, and the eKO SuperLite (aka
the travel mat). Let’s get started! I’ve been practicing yoga for a little over
five years and my husband has been practicing a little longer than I have.
So between the two of us, we’ve had our fair share of mats. I’m gonna walk
through some key features of each mat so I can help you make a more informed
decision around what yoga mat works best for you. If you’re interested in seeing
more videos like this, go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to
my channel! Let’s talk about the length of your yoga mat. So I am 5 foot 2 inches,
meaning I’m 62 inches. The standard size for yoga mats, at least for Manduka, is
about 71 inches. So I have 9 extra inches of space so I can lie completely flat – I
don’t have my feet dangling off. The 71 inch is perfect for your average length
person. For those of you who are taller,
for instance my husband is 6 feet tall, the 71 inch is a little short for him.
Manduka offers an extra long mat which is 85
inches long. It’s perfect for those who are 6 feet tall and above. One thing I do
want to mention about the extra long mat is if you are going to a yoga studio
regularly where they have the little lines marking where you should be
putting your mat, especially if the yoga studio is really busy and you have
really packed classes, in general they measure for the standard size yoga mat.
Your extra-long yoga mat will not fit in the pre-measured space in most yoga
studios. So Alex has an extra-long yoga mat and he has a
standard-size yoga mat. He leaves the extra-long yoga mat for his home
practice and the standard one is what he brings to classes. I wanted to give you
guys an idea of what the extra-long Manduka PRO looks like. This mat is 85
inches long and being only 62 inches tall, there is plenty, if not too much,
room for me. I do want to note that the extra-long mat is also a little bit
wider than the standard size mat. It’s pretty cool! Because this mat is six
millimeters thick and extra long, it weighs nine and a half pounds, which is
pretty heavy for a yoga mat in my opinion. I think it’s perfect for
at-home practices. One of my favorite things about Manduka yoga mats is they
stand the test of time – the color does not fade, they do not flake, and they stay
relatively clean. A big reason why they stay so clean is they have a closed-cell
surface. That basically means that your sweat will not absorb into the mat. It
will stay on the surface. You wipe it down with a towel and mat cleaner.
But basically its surface level, so you’re not getting sweat or bacteria
into the material of the mat. Once I start getting super super sweaty, I’ll
put a yoga towel down and Manduka also has some really great yoga towels. I’m
not slipping around on my mat. Let’s talk about thickness. I am someone who
has slightly sensitive knees, so I do want a little bit of cushion to my yoga
mat. The Manduka PRO and the Manduka PROlite have great cushion. They are different in
thickness. the Manduka PROlite has a 4.7
millimeter thickness whereas the Manduka Pro has 6 millimeters,
and that is a big difference both in cushion and in weight.
The Manduka PROlite standard size: that is about 4.7 pounds. The
Manduka PRO standard size mat weighs about 7.5 pounds and the
extra long weighs about 9.5 pounds. That is a huge difference in
weight, so for me the Manduka PROlite is perfect for me. I know there are
plenty of other mats out there that don’t have as much thickness, and I do
think there are some benefits. The one thing that I have noticed most, and this
is very particular to me and my practice, I do find doing arm balances, especially
handstands, to be more challenging on a mat with more thickness. That’s another
reason why I love the Manduka PROlite: because it doesn’t have as much
thickness as the Manduka PRO. If you still want that cushion, you can easily
get around the “too much thickness” issue if you’re doing arm balances. Let’s
briefly talk about the eKO SuperLite yoga mat from Manduka. This is what I
consider the travel yoga mat. I have good and not so good things to say about it.
One of the biggest benefits is it is super super light. It is 2.2 pounds – that
weighs nothing! You can fold it up and put it in your luggage. Whatever you want to do
and whatever works best for you. When you’re traveling, you can make that mat
work. The standard size for this mat is actually a little smaller than the
standard size for the rest of the Manduka yoga mats. So, the standard
size for the eKO SuperLite is 68 inches.
This is perfect for me because again I am 62 inches tall – I still have plenty of
wiggle room. Now if you are 6 feet tall and above, you may notice that the mat is
a little short for you. This mat also resists tearing and stretching, so that’s
a definite plus. However, I do want to talk about the thickness. The thickness
is about 1.5 millimeters – it doesn’t feel like much. However, it is a great for
handstands because you’re not wobbling around with all the thickness. Let’s talk
about prices real quick. The Manduka PROlite is about $82 for the
standard size. The Manduka PRO ranges from about $110 to $130. I do believe that
a Manduka PRO has more color options. The pictures that you see online are not
as vibrant as the actual color of the mat that you receive. And finally, the eKO SuperLite is only $42, so that is a fantastic mat that will last, it
won’t rip, and it’s super light. I think it’s a great choice for those who travel
often. For those of you who are more visual, here’s a summary of what we
covered in this video. I want to point out that the prices are going to range
between the standard sized mats and the extra long ones. My personal favorite is
the PROLite mat because it’s fairly light weight, has plenty of cushion, and I
believe it’s a better bang for your buck than the PRO mat. So I want to hear your
thoughts what yoga mats work best for you – what has been your experience? Feel free to give this video a “Like” if you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to
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