okay so I've got a little problem here I need a compression spring and the only thing I could find around the house is this extension spring to get this spring to this size in a compression spring to order it online it's going to be like $30 so what I figured I'd do is just try and stretch this out and just see how well it works and so I've got my little convertor hooked up here this is my extension spring to compression spring convertor so I'm going to anchor one end of the spring to this heavy machinery and then put the other up to the tractor and lift it up and stretch this out and I decided this is probably the best way to do it because if something gives way it's either going to shoot straight up or straight down into the ground instead of going flying you know across the yard maybe hit come back and hit me or something so let me pick this up and let's see how well this works all right I just want to point out the first time I compressed this you can see it kind of went back a little to its original form there's not as much space in between Springs so I had to cut off a piece a little bit larger than what I wanted okay a few things I want to point out if you decide to build one of these for yourself the the first problem I've got is that the belt wants to rub against the side right here of the base this is something that I'll probably fix just I just need to offset everything a little bit so that it's not so close to the side all right the second thing I want to show you is this adjustment here that locks the platen down is on the same side as the belt I had originally planned on running the belt on the right side of the machine but I had to move it to the left side of the machine because I found out that the treadmill motor the flywheel that mounts to it was left hand threaded if you ran it you know it's a DC motor so I could have reversed the motor but then there was a chance that the flywheel could loosen itself if the machine had an abrupt stop and without the belt and everything on it playing with it it was quite easy to get that flywheel to unscrew itself from the shaft of the motor so I decided to put the belt on the left-hand side and that solved all those problems and the third thing I want to point out is this right here had a little bit of wobble in it so I had to put some shims in there to get rid of the wobble and it didn't really wobbly but the shaft would twist and when it would do that the belt would go off to the side over here and sometimes almost fly off the idler pulley and also you can see that this is how the belt runs it's not in the center of this pulley and that's because once something's out of square it's real important to have the machine in square when you when you when you do the pulleys and one of these is it's it's tilted one way or the other but it's close enough that it works but just remember if you build one of these close enough really it and good enough it's got to be dead-on square if you're thinking about making one of these hop on over to the making stuff website I've got all the information posted over there all the mistakes I made it'll save you some time don't make the same mistake I did I've got the 3d print files over there I've got the Bill of Materials where I purchased everything it's all over there follow the description in the link please give me that thumbs up if you liked the video and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any more upcoming videos and thanks for watching