This journey has been long… rewarding… but also tough I have been growing mentally and whatever happens I want to be able to enjoy this as much as I can Through happiness This is going to be amazing day COMPETITION REGISTRATION The point of the registration is to sign up for the competition They check identities I didn’t have to prove it because I have been in these quite many times before They measure competitor’s height’s And even we have only one category, they measured my height too and I was 160cm instead of 158cm which I thought I was They give you your pass And I also got the information about being the first one on stage with fitness routines Then outfits Shoes, fitness routine outfits and bikinis The stage felt good Movements quite light And the whole choreography felt great Now is time to relax And then, on Sunday at 9am it’s showtime! This is the day I have been working a half year for this day 24/7 *Talking about accepting my place in the European Championships* And so this journey continues to the European Championships in Spain My goal is to win the competition To be continued