(upbeat music) – I’m Ella Dove and this
is What the Wellness? With each episode, I try out
different wellness experiences and treatments to find out what’s weird and what’s actually worth it? Today, I’m at IMD Spa in New York City, where I’m gonna have a magnesium body wrap and lymphatic drainage massage. Models love it, actresses
love it, celebs love it. I’m sure I’m gonna love it. So today’s treatment is gonna take place in a few different steps. First, I’m gonna have magnesium applied to the parts of my body that are suffering from inflammation. So that’s like my legs, my hips, the tops of my arms, maybe my stomach. Then I’m gonna have my body wrapped in their signature charcoal wrap. Then I’m gonna waddle in my charcoal wrap into an infrared sauna,
where I’m gonna help sweat out all those toxins and that magnesium is said to suck out some of those toxins. Then I’m gonna get a full body
lymphatic drainage massage to help usher all that
bad stuff out of my body and out of my lymphatic system
and out of my bloodstream. Let’s see how it goes. (upbeat music) Magnesium is a mineral that
promotes a healthy heart, helps with digestion and regulates cellular
replication and repair. And apparently, is going to help suck out some of the toxins from my lymph. (upbeat music) All right, I think I’m ready to sweat now. (upbeat music) Okay, so we are at the halfway point of my IMD experience. I have been wrapped, magnesium applied. I feel a combination of
Halle Berry as Catwoman and a trash bag person,
somewhere in the middle. And now, I’m sitting in a
149-degree infrared sauna to try to get all of the
toxins within my system pulled into the lymph, so
when I go into my massage, the lymphatic massage will drain
them out of my entire body. And then I was wrapped in
this charcoal body wrap that kind of activates the same way charcoal’s said to work in body. So it sort of clings to the bad stuff and helps pull it to the outside. And it’s definitely making me sweat more because, you know, I’m sitting in, again, 149-degree sauna, making new friends, trying out new fashion looks,
getting rid of some toxins. Things are going great. (upbeat music) Lymph, which in Latin,
translates to pure water, is the colorless fluid that transports things like toxins and
minerals we don’t need in white blood cells. The lymphatic system,
which transports lymph, is a network of tissues
and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste
and other unwanted materials. So the idea is, when your
lymphatic system gets blocked up, you hold onto things that
your body doesn’t really want. On your own, the lymphatic
system works just fine. If you’re drinking plenty
of water and moving, the lymphatic system is doing great. Lymphatic drainage
massage aids that process and helps your body rid itself
of toxins a little faster. (upbeat music) It’s kind of like foam
rolling with a wooden stick. (laughs) It tickles. Do I look drained? I’m gonna go put some clothes on and I’ll be right back. (chuckles) (beep) So I basically just got
a very sporty massage. That’s how I would label this treatment. While it was enjoyable, it
certainly was not relaxing. She used a combination of fists and a wooden stick that was
like a very intense foam roller. You know, I don’t know if I
feel lymphatically drained, but I feel kind of alert and hyper-aware and less tension and more
looseness in my joints. After leaving, you know, as I
was heading out of the room, they told me to drink tons of water for the next 24 hours, that I’ll continue to feel or see results from the treatment. So that’s like smoother skin. My skin is definitely
hydrated and super soft. I feel really… I don’t know
how to put it into words, but like I feel all of my organs and all of my systems are
working really efficiently, so I hope that continues. Weird or worth it? I definitely think it was worth it. It is an expensive treatment, but I feel it was a
really thorough drainage of my lymphatic system. Drinking a lot of water,
rolling out with lacrosse balls or foam rollers, moving more and even jade rolling on your
face or on your whole body, that’s another form of lymphatic drainage. My three favorite parts were my biodegradable charcoal catsuit, the fact that all of the products they use are such high quality
you can actually eat them and my practitioner, I loved her. She loves what she does every day and I feel like it really
showed up in her work. I’m Ella Dove and this
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