Fact or Fiction? Can you actually train to
get your lower abs and that elusive V-taper to show more? You absolutely can, but you have to do the
right exercises. And today I’m going to show you 3 ways to do just that. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX.com That elusive V-taper, alright? The one down
here in the lower ab region that leads down, you know where. Can you actually train to
get that to pop more? The answer is yes, but first and foremost,
you have to be able to reveal it, right. I don’t care if you train the ever loving
crap out of your lower abs, if you don’t have a low enough body fat level, you’re never
going to show that. So that’s going to start with your nutrition.
You want to make sure that your nutrition is locked in. Besides that, when we’re talking about actual
training, though, it is possible, but you have to change the way that you think about
training the lower abs. You have to understand that in order to get
this area to show more, you have to know that there is [are] multiple muscle groups that
are involved. And these areas here, actually the inguinal
ligament, there is sort of a blend of muscles that work their way into either inserting
into them this way, or running in the same direction. And most of all guys, that’s the internal
and the external obliques. So we can’t just think about training in straight, one plain,
lower ab movements. If we want to get this to show, we have to
work on incorporating internal/external obliques which is going to be a lot of rotation at
the same time. And, and this is the big one, we have to make
sure that we work on the muscles that lay underneath that area. And that one is going to be the transverse
abdominus, which any of you guys who’ve done pilates or your wives do pilates, that’s the
muscle that we really focus on. And that’s sort of like the weight lifter
belt that goes around you this way. The fact of the matter is, when you develop that, it
allows the muscles above here to pop a little bit more. So how do we do that all in one exercise?
Well, I’m going to show you now, and I’m actually going to show you three different ways that
you can work it. You can put them together in a circuit and
you have a great, great lower ab workout that’s going to train your body the way that it’s
meant to be trained. And that’s what AthleanX is all about guys.
Remember you got to train yourself the way the muscles are meant to be trained. So what we do is, we grab here onto a hanging
bar. Ok? And you’re going to grasp your fingers over the top of each other and hang down. Now as you’re going to see, the first thing
we want to do is, remember, I said the transverse. Right here, you can already see this contracting
because we flatten out the transverse abdominus. We do that by almost acting as if you just
walked into ice cold water. If you guys walk into ice cold water, you’d “Oh man! It’s freezing!”,
right? You’d be pulling back in through here which
makes this muscle pop because that transverse runs beneath that area. So you want to engage
that first, flattening it out. Then you’re going to twist. As you can see,
as soon as I twist, the external obliques will contract. Ok? External/internal obliques. External on one side over here. Internal obliques
on the other side. And then we’ll do our leg lift. So, turn, and then leg lift and then down
and turn. Rotate, leg lift, down and in. Rotate, leg lift, down and in. Alright so, one great way to do it. Let’s
say, you don’t have access to a pull up bar. No problem, do it down on the floor. So, what we do is, position ourselves in front
of anything that we can just to anchor ourselves on. Grab up here. And when we pull back, again, a lot of guys
do straight leg reverse crunches, whatever you want to call them. But we got to get it up, at the same time,
we want to pull down on that transverse, like we talked about, and then we got to get that
rotation in there too. So, it’s up and twist your butt to the left
and down, ok? Up and then twist all the way to the right and down. I can feel that lighten up these areas right
here. Finally, we take you over to a band exercise
you can do to really finish this area off. Anchor a band low. It could be around the leg of a couch, could
be around the bedpost, whatever it is, get down on the ground. A great way to activate the transverse is
to get in a plank position because in order to hold that posture the right way, you’ve
got to have the transverse working. So you get into a plank, your arm reaching
out in front of you here like that. Again pulling up on the abs to keep your transverse
engaged. Come up, rotate, drive your knee across your
body so here’s that rotation, and then the elbow in. And then up. And then up. Up. If I show you from the other side, it looks
like this. You’ll see it acting a little bit more. Here, driving, you see the rotation,
and in. Again driving up and working on that V-cut
at the same time. Remember, you can get them to show. Gotta
have that diet right. It doesn’t have to be restrictive, it just has to be right. And you gotta use the right exercises. And
both of these things are covered with AthleanX training. I said, ‘If you want to look like
an athlete, you’ve got to train like an athlete.’ Athletes need internal and external obliques
to work with the transverse abdominus, to work with the rectors. All these muscles work
together. You don’t isolate function. You don’t want
to do it out there. You don’t want to do it in the gym. Not if you want to look like an
athlete. So, guys, anybody that might be new to AthleanX
training, you gotta check out what we’re all about. Head over to AthleanX.com and see what it’s
like when you start training like an athlete. In the next 90 days you can actually start
looking like one. I’ll see you guys over at AthleanX.com. In the meantime, if you found this video helpful,
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