hey killer bees philippi from ecology fitness calm and this is the hot 100 you guys I've got a great body weight only full body shape up workout for us today you won't need any equipment at all I've got a warm-up for you here on screen or there's a link in the description and when you're ready already let's go all right you guys let's get right to it now here's what it looks like today I do not have a tire on me so we are counting some great body weight exercises but it's going to tone us from head to toe starting with some toe touch windmill so feet nice and wide hands nice and wide we're going to bring that foot up and up there's one there's two three four five six seven eight nine there's ten we're halfway Levin 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 and 20 awesome coming up next is 15 inch worms a little bit wider than half that dick with the part we're going to crawl it all on out hips down and crawl it on back feel free to bend your knees as necessary this is a little bit about flexibility but a lot of upper-body strength there's two of them done we're looking pretty quickly today that's the thing about not having the timer beeping at us there's three is that we need to rest the whole time or we can move the whole time well little gold dive there's more great job think about from the core hold in nice and tight there's five heart rate has already come up you know is not necessarily a cardio workout today they are six but it is pretty quick moving strength work this one seven whoo doggy which make sure that heart rate comes up because we're moving quickly we're moving is good for this is a jersey one awesome and we're getting a nice full body workout today there's nine including our heart and lungs our arms and shoulders there's ten our abs definitely our abs because everything with AD work if you do it properly if there is eleven as well as our legs and butt who feeling this one hand shoulder there's twelve just a couple more to go this is a descending and a fiendish latter today first thirteen which means it is going to get easier and harder all at the same time there's fourteen and my friend there's fifteen but you know what we're going to stay down here because coming up next we're going to be in a crouched position doing ten fire hydrants and mule pushes so up on their feet and hands we're going to take out with the knee and up with the foot out and up there's two out and up for three out and up for four out and up there's fog and six maybe seven years at but work I promise to hear when there's eight there's nine and that one is ten on that side and put your knees down for just as a I'm actually around turning back on your have the work on the other side I do like you to be able to see where we are in the exercise till someone gets the rest for a half a second step out and up out and up there's two three there's four and five and six there's seven there's eight back nine and this one is a go ahead you catch your breath shake out your wrist because coming up next we're at the bottom of the ladder we're doing five hand release push-ups you can do them on your knees on your toes on an elevated surface whatever you need to do I'm going to hiding on the toes wish me luck has always be kind we're doing push-ups bodies a nice straight leg coming all the way down releasing little hands and pushing up first ones done is only five there's two there's storytimes really hard not to push up like a Cobra the bitters over but whether losing your whole body there's five episodes same time coming up next is ten yep or one back up the ladder ten single leg toe bridges so hollenbeck's one foot up in the air we're going to come up and down and there's two up there's three there's four boom there's five six four seven there's eight there's nine and one it was ten on that side okay catch your breath for quick Center we're doing 10 on the other although I know this term to go is very mean workouts isn't it because of course there's one of your abs are really single sided there's three there's four there's five then six you know that would be grunting here right there's seven and eight there's nine and an awesome job coming up next we're going to do a meal lean stand up now ordinarily if you don't ever cut before you probably see kneel down stand up good one easy I guess we're going to go overhead I'm going to start with my left leg is forward doing this standing up so that's all we're doing we're standing up and coming back down there's two and up there's three there's four there's five that's six there's seven eight there's nine that one's 10 there's 11 almost there – well totally feelin that 13 there's 14 and 15 on that side oh I'm gonna do an unintentional sixteen I should just take down here I'm sorry hopefully you did if you were thinking about it I clearly was no I look up I switch sides you know there's quick work out sometimes I'm already thinking about what's coming next there's one what I'm loving about these Hot 100 workouts I tell you what there's three they go super quick and I am big coming next this is our last thing there's a five and six it doesn't take a long time to get a great workout there's eight and you hope if you are playing along there's nine what's the hot 100 workers workout yep what the hot 100 worked up with the contest on Instagram but you will remember to tag me at hollaby fitness there's 12 13 14 and 15 stay on your feet this time there's a link in the description all about the hot 100 causes coming up next is the very last thing we are doing 20 high hand herpes so we're going to bring our hands down low for the curtsy and up for the middle part first one done curtsy and to curtsy and very curtsy therefore this is finishing on a nice high heart rate note of course there's five six and I think you're doing such a great job there's eight really got that whole body today there's nine heart my mom's arms legs ABS for sure feeling this one there's 11 and a fierce – well there's 13 lucky number 13 and 14 you're doing such a great job this is our last exercise 15 things 1617 skin as low as you can there's 18 which isn't this low right now anymore there's 19 last one here and to 1p oh my goodness what a great so anytime we had in just 10 minutes a day thank you so much for working out with me I'll see you next time you