Asalam o Alaikum Women are usually disturbed about that they are gaining weight They want to Lose Weight Many Remedies Many Diet plans and many other dietary stuff many exercises after doing everything they are still unable to lose weight see,weight reduction is different and body reduction is different First thing to understand that Allah has placed Computerized Stemys in Human Body That System requires Mid Day Meal (Lunch) But if we skip Mid Day Meal Then Enzymes that our Stoamch Produce to Digest our mid day meal they won’t consume and science tell us unconsumed enzymes stores in lower abdomen as energy those who skip lunch usually these non consumed enzymes they are stored in lower abdomen and they you have big belly and all those diet plans i red till today total 46 diet plans i read their basic is to skip mid day meal when you implement on these diet plans and diet very strictly initially you may lose weight but as you leave dieting it comes back again How we can lose weight permanently ? today i will share a diet plan with you before this diet plan let me explain one thing when we take a slice of bread of one oz normal white bread slice it has 82 calories if we are eating three slices It makes 249 Calories if we are making fool on the name of brawn bread let me remind you if original brawn bread original brawn bread not the one with brown color !! If its a brawn bread, one slice has 63 calories it means if we take 4 slice that will cross 250 calories now lets talk about my diet plan what i want you to eat One Paratha of 40 Gram flour 40 gram flour means 100 gram flour has 312 calories if i am talkign about 40 gram flour it means i have 125 calories of wheat flour i added salkt i added water and i added 1tbsp either desi ghee or cooking oil whatever you like i just want to remind this 1 ml fat has 9 calories if you take 8ml ghee or oil it means it has 72 calories now thing you took flour how many calories it has you added ghee or oil how many calories it has when you mixed the two ingredients trust me this has lesser calories then 3 slices or 4 brawn bread slices first thing paratha is healthy for you second thing you made it yourself third thing to remember no bread can be called bread till it has yeast in it we add yeast to distend the size so if i make you eat food with yeast won’t your body distend ? so first thing is to eat home made Roti (Bread) always have mid day meal dinner must be very less remember Breakfast should be like Kings Lunch should be like Commanders and Dinner should be like Beggars if you have reverse this whole system that you eat breakfast like beggars lunch you take or not dinner is very heavy and lavish then sleep to rest your body then tell me truth is it really possible to lose weight like this? never !! improve this system take good Breakfast lunch is must but lesser Dinner even lesser give rest to your body, sleep for 8 hours with honesty you make this rutine Insha Allah you will feel many things are getting better you will start to lose weight and body f body swelling will also reduce but specially take care of your haromenes we will Insha Allah talk about this later