you’re watching this to lose that excess
fat fast and in just a second I’m going to show you how to do it from the
comfort of your own home hey I’m coach Tyler head coach over at now let’s face it going to the gym is a pain you need an
expensive membership you have to get in your car and drive all the way down to
an overcrowded germ covered bro party oh and all those unqualified personal
trainers well they totally have your back I’ll make sure you lose weight
really fast so they can run out of a job right well I’m here to show you the best
exercise for losing weight fast right in your own home
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know the best and worst exercises you should be focusing on for your unique
body shape and posture our belief at warrior made is that the exercises that
you can stick with are the kinds that will get you real results this exercise
will increase your ability to lose weight faster than any other exercise
because they target large joints and involve more muscle groups giving you an
extra boost towards your weight loss goal here it is
sit to stand and if that’s too easy I’m going to show you another variation
called sit to hop please be sure to do these exercises for only as long as you
don’t experience pain you should consult your personal physician before
performing any regular exercise plan ok let’s dive right into this exercise it’s
called the sit to stand and it’s very similar to what most people call a squat
but I teach it much differently because I teach it in more detail to make sure
that you don’t have any knee hip or back pain while you perform this exercise so
to start out with very simple all you have to do is start in a comfortable
seated position walk you through everything you should
be thinking about as you do this exercise okay so starting out you want
to be sitting on your sit bones right here you don’t want to be leaning
backwards like this and you don’t want to be leaning too far forward like this
now we’re going to start with the feet because that’s really important when
doing a sit to stand properly you’re gonna want your toes to be slightly
angled outward and if you feel your hip width right here and you move your hands
forward your heel should be on the outside of your hip width so they’re
slightly wider than hip width from there I want you to try to create a subtle
arch with your foot now for a lot of people this doesn’t come naturally so
don’t be embarrassed or worried if you can’t get a nice little arch in your
foot but what I want you to do is basically push the ball of your big toe
and your heel into the ground and what you’ll notice is a little arch forming
on the bottom of your foot so try to create that for both feet okay the next
step is to start thinking about your knees so make sure that your knees are
going the same direction as your toes the most common mistake when standing up
doing a sit to stand is that the knees are gonna come inward like this when
this happens you’re putting pressure inside the knee joint which is a hinge
joint and that’s often times where people complain about knee pain when
doing squats or standing up from a seated position so make sure those knees
are going the same direction as toes typically you want to think about
pushing your knees out a little bit more than you normally would from there
lean forward press into your heels about 70% and stand up really quite simple now
on the way back down I don’t want you to get relaxed as you touch your butt to
the chair behind you I want you to stay strong keep your muscles active okay so
you’re gonna inhale as you go down keep those arches in your feet knees tracking
toes chest up as much as you can touch your butt stay active don’t fully flop
into the chair stay active and then stand back up okay
so a few more times you’re gonna inhale down exhale up stay active at the bottom
arch in your feet knees tracking toes inhale down exhale up now just real
quick from a side angle the mistakes that a lot of people make is they’ll round
their upper back forward like this so make sure that you don’t round your
upper back forward the way to prevent that is to pretend like there’s a wall
in front of you so that when you squat down you’re pushing your butt back your
weights in your heels you got your arches you got your knees like this but
you’re gonna pretend there’s a wall in front of you you’re fighting that wall
to keep that nice arch in the low back and that nice posture as you do
this sit to stand okay so one more time from the front angle inhale down there’s
a wall in front arch in the feet knees tracking toes exhale up and you can use
your arms for balance by bringing them forward and bringing them backwards okay
so you can do this exercise any time of day you can do it very simply by
starting out with maybe doing 3 sets of 10 reps with about a minute rest in
between and then you can slowly increase the amount of repetitions you’re doing
so you’re doing 20 30 40 or even 50 repetitions of the sit to stand in one
setting now if you can do 3 sets of 50 though I’m gonna show you one more
variation that’s a little bit more difficult that’s really gonna boost your
metabolism and strengthen your body even more and that’s called a sit to hop so
I’m not gonna go into too much detail on how to explain all the biomechanics
around it because they’re all the same the only thing you’re gonna do is add a
little hot to the top and increase the speed of the exercise so it looks like
this I’m gonna inhale I’m gonna get ready to go
I’m gonna go add that hop at the top land softly make sure your knees don’t
cave in as you’re going faster right so inhale and what you’re gonna find is that this
exercise makes your heart rate go up significantly more than just a sit to
stand so there it is an amazing exercise that you can do from the comfort of your
own home in order to get amazing results fast and an even more difficult
variation if you really want to boost your metabolism and get even better
results now doing exercise alone will get you started but if you want to
really take things up a level you should be using both diet and
exercise in fact according to an extensive study done by the National
Weight Control Registry on long-term weight loss of the people who are
successful mean a lost an average of 65 pounds and kept it off over five years
almost 80% of these people used a combination of both exercise and diet
the people who only did one or the other we’re not nearly as successful long-term
so here’s a simple tip that you can do in your own diet to start losing weight
even faster it’s called intermittent fasting and all
this is is skipping meals throughout your day to reduce your overall calorie
consumption throughout the day and also stimulate the detoxification process in
your body now you don’t have to worry about any of that it’s really quite
simple all you have to do is come into the day and choose to skip breakfast
once you’re comfortable skipping breakfast every once in a while then you
can come in today and skip breakfast and lunch and only consume dinner and what
this will do is reduce your overall calorie consumption throughout the day
and help you lose weight even faster it’s gonna also stimulate your
detoxification process which is extremely helpful for helping you get
rid of stubborn fat on your body so intermittent fasting is a great thing
you can add into your diet without very many rules at all that you can use to
get even faster results thanks so much for watching and as promised I have that
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