good health and divinity with Sema
Kemet Yoga activating the second brain operating from divinity being here now
honoring intuition reconnecting to your natural brilliance up to very recently
the mainstream media and education has pulled us away from inner union or divine
union this disconnection is the cause of all sickness according to the philosophy
of ancient Kemet so what solutions have the mainstream presented us no
nutritional knowledge is required to be a medical professional yet all of our
scholars have said nutrition is the solution so the solutions that the medical
profession are presenting us with are burn including chemo which is acidic
so it burns and another example of burning would be laser surgery caught which is generally opening you up
to get to where the problem is and the final solution comes from medical
establishment is poison simple painkillers can cause liver and
kidney damage mental health drugs often lead to diabetes and chemotherapy can
cause death so what we have our plenty of problems on all levels all stemming
from a disconnection for instance this is by no means an exhaustive list but we
women have sexual health issues such as ovarian cysts poly cystic fibrosis
uterine and endemetriosis etc male sexual health issues include
premature ejaculation prostate issues erectile dysfunction etc etc mental-health issues facing us all a
schizophrenia bipolar disorder anxiety depression ex Indra insomnia etc etc this slide presents to us the mental
disconnection as a mass group humanity in general there’s definitely a massive
disconnect because at the top right you have cancer research so that’s the
mainstream dialogue that we don’t have a cure for cancer and all the modern
diseases but then the undercurrent the underdog the undertone is that we have
many of our scholars that I’ve come up with cures and some of them not even (recognised)
scholars for instance Rick Simpson he came with a cannabis oil he’s not a to
my knowledge not a qualified doctor but his oil cured all of the people in his
surrounding community and he was long story short expelled or it’s you know
and what to call that excommunicated banished from where he
come from which is Canada because he presented this to the medical
establishment and they ran him out of the country and gave him death threats
and just made his life impossible for him to stay in Canada and you have dr.
Sebi many of us have had an dr. Mariandina dr. Laila Africa and actually says its a form of schizophrenia to have a solution and to
not be using it just like a split mind your mind knows better but yet you still
follow something else and in this city actual situation as we know
that in terms of our health nature is most likely according to the rising
volume of and people coming out with yours the best way but yet we will still
run to the doctor when it hits there’s a lot of us and when we get sick and even
if we get a diagnosis a lot of us won’t think oh let me find a natural cure a
lot of us will just follow whatever the doctors plan of action is and that’s
according to dr. laila Africa it’s a form of schizophrenia because you know
better really and truly meals that make you happy here we’re
gonna quickly look at what the mainstream are telling us about our good
okay so there’s stress and the vagus nerve in this slide the book has more
nerve endings and the brain itself the vagus nerve converts food to feelings
small in the small intestine is covered in read i we should like a velvety
coating on the lining of the small intestine entero endocrine cells or neuro
pod cells communicate through hormone synapses (so synapses are just forms of
and communication / electrical impulses) with pod to the vagus nerves inside neuro pod
cells signals from food are converted to tiny electrical pulses communicating
communicating via afferrent neuron to the vagus nerve
Vagul neurons carry the sensory information to the brain stem and this
influences brain brain function in seconds show you a little bit more in detail
about the villi and their connection to the vagus nerve which obviously goes
directly to the brain and effect which makes you like I said in seconds so at
the top of that little image there you’ll see those pointy fingery things
that’s obviously a magnified image or depiction of the villi sticking up
into the intestine of the wall of the intestine so they pick up signals and
though they detect movement they detect temperature and they did
detect chemicals and hormones and then they bring them into the cell and then
the little pods there you see they are what I was talking about the they are
the neuro pod cells shortest version the neuro pods cell so they’re the ones that
communicate by impulses to the vagal neu rons which then communicate to the vagal
nerve which then goes straight to the brain so that’s showing you how when you
eat something whatever hormones are in the food
whatever I would like to say vibration is in the food that goes directly in to
your brain they call new runs and nerves in our in
every part of your body and you can google the full extent of the vagal
nerve around your body in this slide that we just want to focus on how it
reinforces the shetaut ntr (hidden mystery) concept of the body communicating to the brain
what we know as intuition with what we’ve seen about food and how it can
lower your vibration making you less likely to hear the higher vibrations of
unity consciousness thus holding you out of alignment disconnected and in a
state of dis-ease so here we just look the vagul nerve because it’s focusing on
digestion let’s light this image you’re just seeing you know in terms of the
digestive system and the vehicle nerves extent in terms of only the digestive
system but the as I said the vagal nerve goes into your arms you feed your ears
your eyes everywhere and obviously into your brain because that’s where it went
worries to do with it sends signals to your brain if you remember if you’re
keeping up with me so um yeah so that that that shows you that you know we
were taught in school that um if you know if you feel heat in your finger or
someone pricks you with a needle in your finger anywhere anybody you your brain
will receive a signal that that’s happened and that and that was the
extent of our knowledge of maybe not we wouldn’t have known as a vehicle note
but that was as far as it went but we Shetaut Ntr is saying if you
keep your body temple clear then you can receive signals from the most high you
can stay in connection with your higher self or your inner self I like to say
these days and this this slide just reinforces that that you know like if
you put it together what we’ve seen about how food can affect you your
ability to even deal with something as crucial as stress then obviously all of
these things up with how we’re receiving and processing information is going to
be affected by what we’re eating if we actually were less likely to perceive it
in the way that it’s actually the sent us if you get what I mean
for instance like what is your play list like and have you noticed like just do
an experiment you see what are you listening to you and what you’re looking
at in terms of media for a week do an experiment of positive playlists only
and positive music only and see how you feel that week and then the next week if
you want to do an experiment how do you feel when you’re only listening to
negative when looking at negative media and listen to negative songs and at the
end of that week see how you feel and to whether you feel connected and in the
flow or all you feel out of the flow it’s not only immunity but emotional
wellness emotions control how we perceive and thus the stress we
experience keeping us in divine union plant-based foods create a barrier from
pathogens that cause emotional issues really chemical issues cravings triggered by the gut altering
gut microbes can avoid food cravings professor Simon carding leading gut
health food and safety research program University of East Anglia so what are the signs of digestive
issues according to the mainstream chronic fatigue weight gain stubborn
weight that won’t shift anxiety depression and allergies but remember
according to Imhotep and the Kemet philosophy of shetaut ntr and
that was that the disease is a result of a disconnection from spirit and what
we’ve just looked at about the Vagus and have which where science was reinforced
and what we learned from Shetaut Ntr you’ll see that any malady in your
wellness is actually pointing toward dis-ease in your gut because the gut
is the root of all wellness in your body two primary types of bacteria impact the
brain prevatella a greater connectivity in emotional and central
brain regions and smaller less active hippocampus emotional regulation ie
negative imagery it causes extreme distress compared to a higher levels of
back towards causing more active hippocampus and therefore better
emotional regulation and stronger problem-solving and information
processes and less distress when seeing stress stimulating images perception and fear mice given bacteroides rather than prevatella showed less fear fear is the basis of all lower
emotion fear is perception emotions control perception food controls
emotions make you less able to handle stress or
more likely to perceive a stress stimulator as stressful then this is
what you’re opening yourself up to heart disease strokes high blood pressure
colitis irritability rheumatism depression migraines diabetes hardening
of the arteries insomnia fatigue sexual problems skin diseases allergies
overeating asthma kidney disorders ulcers breathing problems include increased
smoking and this this is definitely not exhaustive is telling us in terms of a solution
Shetaut Ntr means hidden mystery or hidden divinity it’s
the divine connection made when you take the inner divinity and then take the
outward action so you’re bringing together Divine Feminine which is the
hidden and divine masculine which is the outer so according to our beloved Sebai (Teacher) Dr. Muata Ashby and dense food gives you a dense mind in my own words I would
say it slows down your vibration and so you’re less it’s likely… it turns down the
volume of the inner tuition / intuition the instinct the gut counseling you know
you’re quite like I said earlier your body’s talking to you all the time which
is whether we’re not you’re hearing it so your body is a temple for light and
you have to keep that body temple clear to maintain divine connection according to Imhotep all disease this
begins with the gut I would just like to say here Imhotep was obviously the best
and brightest of a whole society that had this was philosophy of shetaut
ntr let food be thy medicine and medicine my
food another quote from Imhotep. So Imhotep is askin’ is it gonna be a happy
meal? or a meal that make you happy? diet was a lifestyle Kemet shetaut Ntr the mystery system or hidden divinity isn’t just philosophy it is an
ancient and transformative science guiding the seeker to enlightenment
enlightenment is Sema taui arid ma’at yoga of righteousness and selfless actions
which include vegetarian diet plus sema taui usher yoga of devotion
to divinity within and without + sema taui Rekh yoga of wisdom + Sema taui Uaa yoga of meditation which includes the physical yoga exercise
postures such as Tjef Ntru and a vegetarian diet
say bye MA Dr. Muata Ashby Sema Taui inner and outer self
balance higher and lower energies no good or bad just balance jealous Set
chopped up Asar (Heru’s dad) Set is your low energy source or represents Unity
this is what calls set to grow jealous of him
Heru represents divine will he thoughts there and set we came back for
more until they made a truce to rule together or Auset divine wisdom and
intuition healing and self-love re-membered Asar’s body and used healing
arts to beget heru divine will walking in the gap spiritual
disconnection divine masculine and divine feminine discord between inner
and outer selves so are you in accord with your inner tuition do you action
the guidance your dreams give you creative ideas visions do you
acknowledge your imagination this is divine Union anything that raises your
vibration is going to elevate you above the level where the stressor can’t
reach you emotionally spiritual disconnection kemetic wisdom teachings
tells that if you’re the mind is filled with stress-related thoughts and
frustrations these will manifest physically and will then be referred to
as disease Kemetic diet sebai MAA dr. Matta Ashby in other words kemet
mystery teachings tell us that stress full thoughts crystallize into new
effects in the body that modern medicine diagnosis of disease the disease began
long before the symptoms showed up those we can see how far how vital sorry it is
to find and use regularly as many time many stress combating tools as possible
psychology says it’s not the stress that is stressful but our perception of the
stressor stressful situation as stressful good food good mood
all races feel this suppression of emotions most acutely felt by melanated individuals which then leads to emotional eating and then it’s a vicious
cycle be the Lotus which is always risen above
the murky waters divinity that is always within you live as our ancients did seek
ntr (divine) within and without pour from your overflow study ancient wisdom even the Bible
encourages the getting of wisdom just as the ancients admonished know thyself
Sema taui Rekh study of ancient wisdom I put this slide in of these ancient
ancestors doing what it looks like sun gazing and I just wanna refer back to one of the earlier slides where I said that if not as she’s not just going
to drop into your head and because I’d like to think that they’re actually
getting downloads and that’s why you see the rays of light depicted it’s coming
down to them and maybe not to start with but when once you get to a certain stage
I think in your study then I feel like it’s like you know the downloads will
will come because now you’re living as the ancients lives you’re eating as they
lived you’re taking in in every different way you know from what you’re
looking at what you listening to who you’ve got around you what environment
you’re putting you in yourself in now your body temple is able to receive the
downloads but we have to practice I in my humble opinion we have to live how they
were living in order for us to bring back the glory of our beautiful body
temples rather than all this sickness that we have now sema tawi of right action sema ari Ma’at SEMA uua the sema taui of
meditation Sema uashu divine love again this is talking about
the inner union first because you can’t attract an outside union with someone
else unless you have that you know going on within you Sema Taui Tantrism is
concerned with the teachings of the Tantra
so these are and rituals for healing rituals for averting evil and for
bringing union with the female creative principle which again is just intuition
instinct creativity innovation etc and that is that those are things that you
can do to basically in my humble opinion in terms of what I’ve started so far
it’s about bringing your life force which the most powerful life force you
have is your sexual energy and basically raising that energy up to your
into higher aspects so that you can use it to create things in the world
with another partner the same is done it’s you it’s you it’s not just for you
know smashing bodies together it’s actually about creating something you
know in this creation that we are living in to make the world a better place
the culture mental health indigenous Eastern Sangoma or Shaman or healer symptoms ie
nightmares sharpened intuition 6th sense etc sema kemet yoga encourages you
to look for the synchronicities the more you do the more divine your life will be
so the impact of SEMA kemet yoga on mental health is that instead of you
feeling like you’ve got mental health problems because you’re having all of
these symptoms i mentioned earlier now you will realize that you are a healing healer
we’re all healers there’s nothing wrong with you you just having a
beautiful awakening benefits of Sema Kemet Yoga pushes out redundant energy Movement is life
sickness cannot exist where there is life force movement is life yoga moves
the energy more joy empowerment love gratitude
less practice more grief their depression powers powerlessness
victimhood etc closer at how Sema Kemet Yoga is impacting
emotional health so spiraling downward you will have
boredom pessimism frustration and overwhelming disappointment doubt worry
blame discouragement anger revenge hatred rage jealousy insecurity guilt on
worthiness big grief depression powerlessness and victimhood spiraling
upwards though moving the energy around and ultimately out you will feel contentment hopefulness
optimism positive expectations and believes enthusiasm passion joy
knowledge empowerment freedom love and appreciation the impact on your spiritual health is
that you’ll feel more balanced more connected more grounded and just more in
the flow get to reprogram your mind you can use
each of the poses to program it with whatever it is you want to program it
with for instance I like to program wheel for me being an unbroken wheel of
abundance joy love and all of my heart desires in conclusion after taking part in my
yoga demonstration and watching my presentation hopefully you leave here
today with some coping skills to combat the perceived stress of modern life some tools to amplify yoga asana or
practice our being in nature meditation at the beginning and the end of practice
or moving meditation so meditation throughout the whole practice fasting
and affirmations the suggestion would be my body temple is a clear vessel for
divine light or my gut is clear my gut is clear and the way is clear for the divine light to
anchor on the earth through me or I seek healing from the earth and the earth
supports me or the the mdu ntr for Earth is Ta Urt so I seek healing from ta urt
and ta urt supports me aromatherapy suggestions would be fennel
rosemary grapefruit juniper lemongrass citronella and crystals that could amplify practice would be citrine Sun stone and fire agate Be the Lotus rise above the waters the ability to remember all
our divine aspects thus become a true Asset (Auset) to our Khemmunities thus having a
true domino of impact on our environment each deep breath makes a connection with
your higher and divine self the Most High through the heart through Auset / Ma’at ( Brain Mind connection or balance)
this is the ultimate gift of SEMA Kemet yoga to stay in touch with me please
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our event on good health on 21st of September 2019 now the part where we do
a quick demonstration of chair yoga (30 mins approx.) poses specifically designed to keep the
gut clear and let it be a clear channel for divinity and to anchor basically
your best and greatest version if you are importantly not at that presentation
then you will need to look in the description look in the comment section
and somewhere in the video I will leave a link to a video I did earlier on in
the year to do with yoga that is really brilliant for keeping your got a clear
channel for the divinity that you are and that’s the end of this video or
presentation however you’re experiencing it and I say something I love to say
presentation that is love you love you because that’s all you came here to do! Mwah!