Let’s look back at today’s healthcare from
2050. This is Bertalan Mesko and you are watching the channel of the Medical Futurist. A lot
of people ask me about the future of medicine and healthcare. What’s coming next, what about
the future of radiology, genomics or health sensors. They ask me to make really sharp
predictions. This device will come out in this exact year. But instead of this, let’s
do something else now. Let’s look back from 2050, and see what today’s healthcare included,
what barbaric elements played an important role in today’s healthcare in the years 2010s.
Let’s see some of these. So back than in the 2010s years we had to go to huge hospitals
to access information and to measure parameters about our own health. We had to use big radiology
devices, instead of just small digital tattoos. We had blockbuster drugs manufactured for
millions of people instead of getting a drug in a specified dosage for my own molecular
genetic background. There were waiting times for doctors and patients; there were doctor
shortages, areas where there is no doctor at all. There were clinical trails that cost
billions of dollars, and it took at least a decade to go through a trial so then a drug
can be accepted instead of just doing virtual clinical trials, like we do today. Infections
in hospitals were quite common, epidemiology was absolutely slow, not using really smart
digital solutions, there were clinical laboratories, where you had to go to get your blood markers
measured or your blood taken, instead of just blood measuring any kind of blood markers
and parameters. Cancer was a dramatic life event, instead of just being a chronic disease
or a bump in a life, we had paper medical records back than, we had ambulance cars not
drones like today that can deliver the right equipment to the right people in seconds.
There was health insurance without measuring health parameters and data. It was really
not efficient and successful. Hospitals were run by managers, not supercomputers, not smart
algorithms. Patients were ordered to take a drug, instead of dealing with them as equal
partners in the care, and the work of physicians was really unquantifiable, success rates were
not available. And these are just a few examples, we need to be really brave now when imagining
the future, and we work hard to fulfill these goals. We need to make sure that the future
of health care is based on the human touch, is based on the partnership of the patients
and their care givers, and is based on technology, that can give us the absolute best success
rates, the best treatments, and still the best care when it comes to people. Please
come up with your own ideas looking back from 2050 at today’s healthcare, and share those
in the comment section. Thank you!