What’s up, yogis and wannabe yogis? Your friend, Adrienne, here
with Yoga with Adrienne. Today, we’re going to learn Salabhasana or the Locust Pose as part of our Foundations of Yoga series. This is a great posture for the back, particularly if you are wanting to strengthen the lower
back. Great for the booty. Honestly, this is a great
full body strengthener. It’s also really great
for the nervous system and the immune system
and overall, I think, a great pose for anxiety
and just a good asana to lift your spirits. So put on something
comfy and hop on the mat, and let’s learn Locust Pose. (uplifting energetic music) To begin, we’re going
to come onto the belly. Oh yeah. Taking a second to draw the palms underneath the shoulders here, and draw the toes or the heels
in line with the hip points. Great. Then, I’m going to take a second to loop the shoulders here,
forward, up, and back, and imagine my elbows
that are hugging into my side body are like little
grasshopper legs, right? Locusts. Ah, grasshopper. Little
grasshopper legs are pulling back. Can you tell I come from
a kid’s yoga background? It’s good for all of us, though. I’m just taking a second here
in a nice little baby backbend to lengthen through the
crown of the head and find a little lift in the
heart. I’m not putting … In fact, everyone lift your
palms. Foundations of yoga. Find your foundation. I’m
not putting a bunch of weight into the palms here but
I’m just checking in. Couple of action points, press
into the tops of the feet, press into the pubic bone,
so pelvis to the earth. Roll the shoulders away from
the ears and then we already talked about elbows hugging
in and drawing back. So one more breath here. (deep breath) Great. Last point of action
here. I’m going to press into the tops of the feet and
try to lift the legs. I’m pressing into the
pelvis, lifting the legs, just kind of connecting,
checking in with that activity. Then exhale, release. We’ll come onto the right
ear here and just rest. Great. Now, for a Locust variation. I’m going to send the fingertips
back, palms face down. Eventually, we’ll get to palms face up. I’m going to lift the chin,
lift the heart, inhale in. As you exhale, find that
lift again, this time, using the palms to press up and out of. Breathe. Now, inhale in again
and on your next exhale, let the legs lift up. Now
press into your foundation. Find that energy between the inner thighs as if we’re hugging them
together but I’m still keeping my heels in line with
the hip points for now. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Again, I like to teach this
with the fingertips or the palms pressing up and out of the earth so that I find that length here in the neck. (exhales) Great. One more breath and
then exhale, rest, and release. Come onto the left ear now, opposite ear. (exhales) You can shake the hips
a little, left to right. (deep breath) Beautiful. Inhale,
bring it back to center. Press into the pubic bone
so pelvis to the earth. I’m not clenching in the buttocks here, so that’s why I like pressing
into the pelvis because when we just clench the buttocks and then we try to lift this, not
good for the lower back. Press the pelvis into the earth, tuck the chin into the
chest as you lift the head. This time, we’re going to inhale
in, exhale, lift the legs. (deep breath) Beautiful. Now, I can stay here, working on building strength
in the back body and just full body awareness, or I can
inhale in again, and exhale, flip the palms, send
the fingertips towards the backs of my legs. (breathing) Breathing here. Spread the
fingertips, spread the toes, and then exhale, release,
right ear to the earth. Relax, shake the hips a
little, left to right. (deep breath) Let’s check it out again. Pressing the pelvis into the earth, I’ll bring the head back to center. This time, we’re going to go
full on mission impossible with the exhale. So
I’m going to inhale in, find my integrity, find my foundation. And on an exhale, lift. (exhales) Breathe. Traditionally,
we turn the palms face up but as a beginner, I
actually like palms down because I remember pressing
up and out of the earth to find that extension. Breathing here. (breathing) And on an exhale, we release
left ear to the earth. Shake the hips, soften everything. (deep breath) One more little variation
for fun to close it out. Press the pelvis in, press
into the tops of the feet, lift the head. This time, I’m going to inhale
in, exhale, lift the legs, and then I’m going to crawl
my fingertips behind the ears and reach the arms forward as I hover. Inhale, lift and lengthen, and exhale. (exhales) Inhale. And exhale. Spread the fingertips and
toes, pressing into the pelvis. (deep breath) One more breath. We might
draw a line with the nose. Just look forward slightly,
careful not to crunch here. On an exhale, we release, palms come underneath the
shoulders here and we counteract. Coming up to all fours, walk the knees in towards the center line,
bring the belly to the thighs. Sink it back into Balasana. Three to five breaths here. (inhale) Breathing into the back body. (deep breaths) Sweet. Then we’ll tuck
the chin into the chest and slowly roll her up. All right. That was the
foundations of Locust Pose, or Salabhasana. As I said
before, it’s a great posture to just lift your spirits,
give the body a little energetic cleanse, great
for the lower back. We’ll talk more about the
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