LifeStyle Fitness camp is a unique
program that addresses all aspects of weight loss. “I really felt
it was time to go forward, to feel better.” What sets us apart? We keep our group
small with never more than 10 clients participating at once. You will receive one-on-one personal fitness training along with group and recreational
activities. We help you plan, shop for and prepare your own healthy
meals and snacks rather than choosing from a daily
cafeteria menu. Together, we will examine the areas of your
lifestyle that need to change and then take specific targeted steps to
put those changes to work when you return home. “With all the outdoor opportunities we
have here because we do a lot of our exercising outdoors here, it’s a rejuvenating feeling. It feels
great to be out in this beautiful Red Rock Country”. “If you’re considering making some
changes in your life, I highly recommend coming to St-George. It is a beautiful
location. There’s hiking, there’s biking. There’s so many outdoor recreational
opportunities. I it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made.” “Because our groups are small, we can become invested in your success.” Make the investment in yourself today. Call 855-212-84 23