– This is the LifeSpan TR4000i. LifeSpan was introduced as a brand in 2001 and has been specializing
in fitness solutions created for the home gym
and workplace ever since. Their superior quality
treadmills are designed with solid-steel frames that also include both folding, non-folding
models, treadmill desks, as well as a medical treadmill. This is the brand new
model of the TR4000i. This is a good mid-level folding machine. This model features IntelliGuard which auto-pauses the belt
whenever you step off, as well as IntelliStep which automatically counts every step that you take. It also has the folding
design that I mentioned as well as handlebar controls for easy incline and speed changes. While the multi-color LCD display screen is a little on the small side, it does get in all the main data, your speed, heart rate,
distance, calories, and steps. This machine goes up to 12 miles per hour and up to a 15% incline. It also comes with 17
built-in workout programs, two of which are heart
rate-controlled programs utilizing wireless heart
rate or the handheld models. It also has a magazine rack for
tablets and two cup holders. Let's see how this model folds. There's a bar right below the belt which you can grab and start to lift. It's a little heavier
than some other models. But goes up and feels
easy to stay in place. When you're ready to put it down, you simply push up a little
and then you kick the bar where you can see that it's
holding the machine up. Once you release that, it
will start to lower down. Overall, the LifeSpan
TR4000i is a good value for under $1500. It's great for walking to running. It has a lifetime warranty
on the motor and frame. Click below for more details.