Okay, Ash, so this is your bicep workouts.
Keeping hold of the straight handle, take the cable and put it to the bottom. Make sure
it’s in the correct place. Take a wide grip of the bar and stand up, keeping the back
straight, bend the knees. You curl up and you stretch all the way down. Curl up, stretch
all the way down. If you wish to you could perform what’s called
the twenty one on here. The 21 is seven half range curls from the base to the middle. Seven
from the middle to the top, then seven all the way up and all the way down.
It looks painful. If you take that off and go back onto the
rope, you can then perform the rope hammer curl. So you just squeeze up, back down. Squeeze
up and back down. You can choose to do them quite high or keep
it low range. You will find that both work the bicep just slightly different.
You could also take your single grip handle, keep your back straight step away from the
machine and curl. You’ve got something to hold there, I might not have that machine.
It’s okay, you don’t need that. I’m just resting my arm. Okay.
Yeah? If you have access to an angled bar then you
could also use this. Alright. And there is two ways of using it. You could use it under
grasp. This is just slightly different on the wrist. Or, you can use something quite
close over grasp and curl upwards. And there we have your bicep exercises.