my name is Daniel I’m 29 years old and I’m from Germany do Slav I’m a fashion blogger and we’re talking about topics like the last fitness fashion of course my main hobbies Fitness I think f it is very important for me it’s a big thing in my life you look in the mirror and you see old something is going you can reach something that’s working I really have to do my spots too to feeling very well yeah good job none either konichiwa I goes oh thank you hi Corday Akina bientot Garrity I need a special thank you very much you have to show me some yeah oh uh Colonel or sage that yo yo yo yo yo – Okinawa’s de todo para hoy NGO a llama tanios kwangin Arcata korekiyo doke when de menthe at Moscone o 8a y quiero tio Estonian turistas Oh tunic point regarding steady coochie I’m oka when a character own a uno arrow sobre el de Manos de que no se me routine Todd Parrott a no desk Appetit take a toss a penny Tammany sanitation service for illuminate any case doctor ooga gain the HDD tiptoe yeah okay it’s a very famous movie about this where there since a it’s a train of a young guy like me here hi I’m sweating a lot it’s very intense for me because I’ve never done this before so what’s this river Goa okay no Western next immunity Ori now absolute Casio night your news is easy money no need the meat is really good thank you mushiya Korea Oh cookie Miyagi you are then shoes the coroner to Colonia oh me oh Moo attention an atomic Oh No dojo no member to stay a con una foto pony hugeness todo thank you upon Takeda hard a una de Soto Kobe tuna cans II know what’s under a mess oh that’s good it’s really good the sensei is saying we concentrated the focus what you’re doing that’s quite a thing which I will keep and which I will take home to back to Germany for for my training for my daily life I can recommend this this place to everyone who wants to escape from stress and wants to eat healthy I will come back for sure this is totally amazing