good morning welcome back everyone hope you're having a fantastic day for those of you wondering if the marsh is still flooded yes Marsh is still very high little to no wind but lots of humidity it's going to be hot I think we're fishing an outgoing tide so it should be very high tide and then it's gonna start swinging out let's see how that's gonna play out for us through the remainder of the day I'm going to stay out here as long as I possibly can until I just get completely tired and just need to call it quits right there try to reverse we got a very strong incoming current saw the blow up right here starting out with the hothead bug I want to throw a huge thanks out to Heath Hipple the owner of bugs fishing lures he thank you so much for hooking us up with three packages of bugs we've got some curl tails some trout thumpers and I forgot what the other package was but we were running low on those things and it's always good to have great friends hooking you up last time I was fishing right here this was a really good choke point there's a lot of red activity I'm just gonna cast blind cast this area where I know there could possibly be some Reds there's a huge massive back lake over there it's oh we got him yes I was like this has got to be the area oh my gosh yes what a lucky guess finally we got something that's actually testing out the Lu's custom Pro taken the drag look that is a nice sized donkey for sure alright so let's sit down get the net ready for those that watch the channel a lot you all know that I just absolutely love Shimano and I'm not saying that there aren't other reels out there that perform just as good because this one is definitely oh gosh it has been quiet all morning long the hoagies a-swimming Jack oh wow Lu's custom Pro what else is there to say about it besides it is phenomenal the drag just I mean it did a great job let's get this guy unhooked and we're gonna get him back inside the water there we go gotcha oh I just had a feeling that there had to be a really good probability of catching our red right there because it's oh look at that right over here in front of us okay let's get a good look at this guy right there beautiful redfish probably about 26 inches and let's see how much do you weigh come on just chill chill six pounds alright go for it buddy hey you turd look at that just like just splashed water all over me that's all good I still love ya right over here I just saw a splash and what I'm gonna do is backtrack and we'll try to make a cast over there let's get back over here and we're gonna continue casting in that area oh I'm just so glad that I decided to go with my hunch on it being a choke point there's tons of waterway that is open for these fish to just run amok and oh my gosh the fact that I just caught one I'm uh I'm excited so many hiding spots for these guys it's crazy oh oh we got him oh my gosh he is a big boy he is a big boy oh holy moly that dude is big oh I didn't get a good hook set should have ate my Wheaties oh those are hard to swallow right there when you get a good one like that to bite I'm not even gonna think about it let's just keep casting maybe we'll get lucky again got him got him yes Oh blind casting the donkey's listen to that drag oh my gosh that is a huge donkey okay don't don't go under the rudder oh gosh get over here son that's all that's been back here is nothing but big old boys oh I just missed him come here come here come here come here come here to me no no no come back here we go yeah number two baby number two this is a huge stud of a redfish this fella just crushes my lure as I'm staring away oh my gosh that was so easy to pull out thank goodness I kept tension against the line look at this he's drumming can y'all hear that oh let's see how heavy he is oh yeah this one seven pounds he's a pound bigger than his buddy was oh wow all right good buddy I want to thank you for that fight you are such a beautiful red seven pounder boy talk about a day of donkey's a 6 pounder 7 pounder I lost what was probably another 7 pounder and then just hooked into something else but who's counting because we're catching all right buddy thank you so much for that fight there we go we got him we got him yeah not that time buddy I'm making sure I set the hook Josh get over here my little friend get over here and there's the limit right there three Reds in a flooded Marsh Josh these guys did not make it easy on me I'm telling you what we spent we launched at about I want to say it was close to eight o'clock this guy's nowhere the size of the other ones but he is the perfect eater 22 inches I'm gonna say 21 somewhere around there I didn't bring the hog trough so it doesn't really even matter look at that back inside the water and off you go bro I mean if you want to play around like that I know you ain't even anywhere near dying all right you know what if I get you I'm taking you home I don't care if I have a nice chest or not oh you so lucky I almost had him he's trying to get PETA called on me just like that inside a flooded Marsh finally able to put something together and catch me a limit of donkeys it has been a long time since I felt the tug and also something that was worthy enough of challenging the Lou's custom pro I am seriously impressed with this reel it's got everything that it takes to bring in the big guys with style so any any real can bring in these big fish but can you do it with buttery smooth drag cast ability going into the wind this headwind is crazy it's got to be about eight to ten miles an hour and the cranking ability of this thing I mean everything about it just screams perfection so I am seriously impressed with it I know that one of you lucky patrons out there watching right now at the end of the month is going to be seriously happy with this real holy moly talk about a good day efficient in the marsh being able to catch a limit of donkeys I have not been able to do that and quite some time so I'm feeling accomplished as a victor go the spoils I am about to destroy a burrito so that's gonna be it everyone I thank you for watching I hope that you're able to get out there and do some fishing and until next time time line