I'll give you a different kind of cloth BOM boys for pink pills and she's gone no I promise I set up in greta's office boys work my quiet zone remember the Louisville rubber shaft have a taxi bill rubber shot let's have a Ronnie broke short side car side line side give me your best shot five holes are wide open boys take it take I can stick handle inside a phone booth boys let's see your handle shop I'm a late round performer boys let's go seven I have to say voice that is some of the finest chirping that I've ever received ever and your shrines to your temples my god first team All Stars tap to the temples voice two days written all over you but people are supposed to enjoy being catcalled yeah not enjoy being packed off yeah fuck whitey if anybody knows how hot we are you looking at him so line up around the block for this pop-up shop yeah I know but he's kicking this kid out of bed for eating crackers that's for sure I've yet to see one customer not come back for seconds at that birthday yeah I bet you thought everybody sticks to continental breakfast guess what they don't take this ride you're getting right back in line boys truth is you're not really our tight boy well fucking shit I think we don't see you rocking semies we're gay guys at the gym we're always rockin Sammy it's true though you're not our type what is your type thing you fucking liar otters like the Erie Otters like the Cal State Monterey Bay otters No otters are what we call skinny hairy dude points for creativity boys love the hustle boys so like what are we supposed to call you then our gay buddies from the gym we took gay in the expansion draft from you about a hundred years back butch shoutout to our sisters in the women's league fruit figure got a cup of coffee in the show a few decades back but never really produce for either of us bear you guys released bear a while back for underperforming or we got her at a friendly price been a real stud for us ever since cub Bob's been consistent as he put her on a line with there who's still playing overseas likely gonna retire there Nelly only your grandpa remembers that alumni homo homo maybe in your Ring of Honor but never forget the body checks our goons threw down to end that career clean finish the best arena music of all time but still it's only for some bag not sure that's PC but you said it fag got cut in the 80s and may have cleared waivers but we all made a gentlemen's agreement not to sign her because of behavior detrimental to the leave call me Dax Oh me Ron huh let's be buddies Daxi let's be buds ronzi really yeah you guys Sam fresh pots we slam crash box and the world keeps on turning boys well fuck come over here in listen Jimmy Jack see and um Iran's Jonesy and I you just kissed each other like this like that like this okay I guess we better go talk to kitty cat I'm gonna break the Katie cat buddy oh wait you seriously I want to bang this you fucking liars