hey everyone this is Dom from tech advisor
here with Lenovo at CES 2020 where I am here with the yoga 5g which is not quite
the world’s first 5g laptop but it’s the first 5g laptop for consumers so yeah
Lenovo was the first company to announce a 5g laptop when they showed this thing
off together with Qualcomm at Computex 2019 but with six months on and now it’s
finally actually here proper product proper name proper specs ready to hit
the market in the spring it’s not quite the first laptop to pull off the 5g
trick because just a couple days ago Dell reveal the latitude 9510 which
also has 5g baked in but that’s with Intel rather than with Qualcomm or rather
it’s an Intel processor and Qualcomm modem this is all Qualcomm all the
way through the difference is the latitude is Dells business brand so the
latitude 9510 they’re really pushing it to a business audience Yoga is Lenovo’s
consumer line so this is a consumer laptop through and through I’m sure some
people will buy them for professional reasons
but the push here is going to be for the average person or sort of the individual
creator to buy for themselves to use on the go rather than through business
stuff so what are we looking at it is a Qualcomm laptop it’s on the Snapdragon 8cx
chipset basically what that means if you haven’t used a Qualcomm laptop Qualcomm
Windows laptop before is it’s gonna be a little bit lighter on processing power
compared to a lot of the Intel stuff though actually it’s getting there but
you’ll have always on connectivity 5g obviously though it will also work with 4G and
in terms of 5g it covers both millimeter-wave and sub 6 so that’s one
big benefit of using a Qualcomm laptop you get that connectivity that you don’t
always get with standard Intel processors on a Windows laptop so the
other big benefit is battery life so most of these windows on Snapdragon
computers have amazing battery lives this one is no different than with the
5g they should last up to 24 hours of use
which is a full day but obviously you’re not going to use your laptop all day
every day so what you’re probably looking at the best part of a week’s use
between charges which is really fantastic and if you haven’t used one of
these before they do actually live up to that like it’s not just the kind of a
big bit of marketing hype these things will run for days and that’s really
ideal there are downsides it’s a different
processing platform its arm as opposed to x86 that means there are some
software compatibility issues it is getting better more more apps are
compatible helped by Microsoft waiting in with a surface on the same
architecture but you will still find some things run a little bit differently
to how you used to some apps may not be available or you’ve got to run them
through a compatibility mode which affects the performance ever-so-slightly
it also means this isn’t like a high-end super powerful machine this isn’t a
creative device you’re not gonna use it for like video editing and stuff like
that but if what you want is a laptop that covers you know internet browsing
email any sort of online work unit especially through a browser this will
do it this will do it fast it will do it for days and it will do it at 5g speeds
which is really great the rest of specs are basically solid 8GB of ram 256 or
512GB of storage it’s a 14 inch IPS screen so it’s nice but you know it’s
not OLED or anything like that but it should look good it’s a yoga so you
can fold it back use it as a 2-in-1 fold it all the way if you want that
kind of thing and the whole thing is also pretty light is 1.35 kilos that’s
somewhere between two and three pounds it’s you know it’s a big issue laptops
it’s a 14-inch there’s still it’s very lightweight I’m kind of happy juggling
around like that it’s not a problem yeah so it’s gonna cost one and a half grand
USD when it comes out in the spring so not super super cheap which is maybe
going to be the challenge for it compared to some of the other windows on
Snapdragon devices the question is are you gonna are you willing to pay that
much extra for the 5g support especially considering that may then involve a
pricier data plan as well I’m not sure if it will end up being worth it from
that perspective but we when we get in at the office we’ll test it out more
thoroughly and we’ll see what we think and see what kind of actual data speed
you’re gonna get out the 5g on this thing yeah so stay tuned this week for
more CES coverage like subscribe all of that they’re going around showing
everything else we see at the shows so far that we think you guys are gonna
like thanks very much