everybody Shawn hassel here with get mean and 12 and g/l 12 fitness.com in this short video I'm going to show you how you can do leg workout in 12 minutes or less because here's the deal we all dread the leg training I know personally I do not like leg training but it's a necessary evil because it burns more fat calories because there's a largest muscle group in the body so they stimulate a lot more fat burning hormones and a lot of a lot of hormones like testosterone and growth hormone that will help the rest of our body grow but since we'd read them I figured I'd show you a short and efficient way to get them done in less than 12 minutes a week while still getting all those fat burning and muscle building benefits and here's the best way using just a set of dumbbells I'm gonna use a light set today just for demonstration purposes always keeping your reps somewhere between you know six and twelve if your goal is fat loss in building muscle okay and here's the idea you obviously have the front of your legs which is your quads and then you have the back of your legs which is your hamstrings so a simple thing to do is to pick two exercises the first one would be like a dumbbell squat so all you'd need is a set of dumbbells and you simply squat found all the way down low and then exhale up now here's the key to this exercise number one keep your chin up number two stay on your heels and not your toes it's important that as you come down and you get your body ball parallel with the floor you exhale up and you force yourself through the heels that is what's going to protect your knees and isolate the quads – max get maximum stimulation in your quad muscles now with no rest at all after performing six to twelve Rupe heavy reps of that you would immediately turn around and go into a dumbbell lunge or reverse dumbbell lunge so you would step forward and then exhale back up and step forward and exhale back up now you want to use a weight where you're only gonna use six to twelve reps before you're on fire and you're hurting now here's the key when you're lunging it's important that number one your knee doesn't pass over your toe okay so you want to get to the point where your knee almost touches the ground here and this right here is perpendicular to the floor you keep your chin up and then you exhale back up so it's always an inhale on the way down making sure the knee doesn't pass over the toe exhaling back up and always driving off of that front heel now you're gonna superset these back and forth so once you do instead of dumbbell squats no rest go to the dumbbell lunge okay six to twelve reps each rest one minute and repeat that exercise again and do that for a period of 12 minutes for a time so your timing yourself with a 1 minute rest between the superset so when 12 minutes is up you're done and you're gonna find you're gonna be somewhere around 80 to a hundred reps and you're gonna knock out a tremendous amount of work on your legs in a short amount of time and still get all the fat burning and the muscle building benefits of training your legs and only 12 minutes a week so thanks for listening we'll see on the next video you