We are in the Lee College wellness
center, it’s a great facility. There’s a lot of machines with a lot of cardio
equipment or pin treadmills for cross trainers. They’ve got damn pretty much
everything. We have just about you know the same things that the big gym
everything that the big gym has. It’s always a very comfortable environment to
work out. This is a facility where people can come in, they can work out,
it’s relaxed environment, there’s no pressure, it’s very low key. No matter
what your your fitness forte is I guess they can accommodate. The workout is what
they want it to be but me and my staff are here to help people if they have any
questions about their workout. It’s convenient, the hours are great,
everyone’s friendly, it’s almost like a small town, small town atmosphere and I
just started coming and it’s been a easy transition. I want people to feel
comfortable and welcome when they come to this facility. Oh it’s a way to
improve improve your health and well-being and we’re all kind of in the
boat together. We’re not necessarily competing against each other. You really
can’t beat it. So get your get your butts over here for sure.