some people are saying hey move over gluten there’s a new diet craze in town and this diet craze claims certain foods we almost always consider them healthy might actually cause disease check it out when it comes to our diets America is obsessed with what we put in and don’t put in our bodies just look at what’s behind the doors of the past four decades shake fever shook us hard in the eighties with people reaching for a straw instead of a fork then we found ourselves at the height of a fat-free frenzy in the early 90s we cleared our cupboards of carbs in the later part of the decade and in most recent years we’ve doubled the juice and given up gluten for good but did all this pave the way for the newest diet craze the lectin free movement lectins are small proteins and plants that one doctor argues cause a whole buffet of health problems including inflammation digestive issues and autoimmune diseases so should we be aware of lurking lectins in our food and give our diets yet another makeover so should we clear our plates of lectins dr. Steven gunnery the author of the plant paradox believe so but cardiologist dr. Joel Cohn says not so fast they’re both joining us now in a diet debate and dr. gunther i’m going to start with you tell us why you claim lectins are the enemy well quite frankly plants don’t like us they were here first they don’t want to be eaten they don’t want their babies eaten and they defend themselves by lectins now unfortunately most animals get the point very quickly but as most of us know humans are very stupid and so what I found is that when we have pain or arthritis or depression or autoimmune diseases we keep eating these things and then we try to fix the problem with pharmaceutical drugs instead of finding the source of the problem in eliminating that one of the nice things we found is that not only can we get rid of autoimmune diseases but there’s a huge side benefit most people lose weight on this program nice how did this you know come about when I was chairman Malinda University of surgery I met a man who with this diet reverse 50% of all the inoperable blockages in his heart in six months time and he also lost 45 pounds and I was so impressed that actually my research is an undergraduate Yale like got out and found out that what he was doing was eliminating primarily large lectin load in his diet and that’s how he reversed our disease is there anyone who should avoid this diet I haven’t met one yet and I want to ask you because you suggest avoiding things like tomatoes peppers legumes almost all grains what can we eat yeah I mean you’re eliminating a lot of things that we talked about on the show all the time as being the things that we want to eat exactly and that are good for us so I want to hear this answer yeah and I believe this too and I was 70 pounds overweight had arthritis even though I ran 30 miles a week and went to the gym one hour a day and when I took these foods away from my diet I was a healthy you know vegetarian following Adventists at Loma Linda but what I want people to do is eat and party like it’s 9999 years ago we didn’t have grains then we didn’t have beans then and what’s shocking is none of us in America are from America we’re from Europe Asia and Africa so that none of us were ever exposed to a healthy American plant like tomatoes like peppers like peanuts like cashews like potatoes and we shouldn’t beetles because in evolution 500 years is speed dating and we have not had an opportunity to get used to these plants you