– Hi everyone. It’s Darrik here with Gamer Body, and in this video, I’m gonna go over the Lebert Fitness Equalizer
dip bar station for you, so let’s jump right into the review. (bubbles popping)
(intense music) (heart beat) Alright everybody, so let’s talk about the Lebert Fitness Equalizers. This piece of equipment
is a dip bar station that you can use at home or in a gym depending what you buy it for. Now, some gyms do carry the
Lebert Fitness Equalizers. I’ve seen them in a lot of YouTube videos, but I actually bought them for myself to use at home to do dips, inverted rows, tricep
extensions, and stuff like that. So, essentially, they
really are a dip bar station that have other options that you can use while doing it all at home. Alright, let’s go over the
pricing for the Lebert Fitness Equalizers for each edition. So, number one, I bought
the Frank Medrano XL Chrome Signature edition, which comes in at $129. I did have a discount code at the time, so I think I paid $109, really, for it. But if you purchased it right now, it would be $129, buying
it from their website or from Amazon.com, so in this case I would
recommend Amazon, if you’re gonna purchase it that way. The second one, which
is an all black version of the chrome edition, so this is just black instead of chrome is $119. There’s really no difference
besides it being all black, and not a signature
edition from Frank Medrano. Now, if you want to jump down
to another signature edition, but this one is three inches
shorter by Natalie Jill, this one comes in at
$109 and is a pink color that you can get from their
website in case you want to get a different signature edition,
but one that’s shorter. And last but not least,
we have the regular signature edition, which,
again, is three inches shorter than the XL edition, which comes in a couple different colors, the main one being yellow. That is mostly seen
throughout all of YouTube and other videos I’ve seen,
as well as online and in gyms. So this one comes in at $99,
or like $99.98 on Amazon. So quick look at assembly. This was super, super
easy to put together. Honestly, it’s only a couple pieces. There’s two feet, two handle pieces, and then four screws for each of the different dip bar pieces. So these are separate,
they’re not together. Some are together in different brands, but this is a separate piece. You get two separate handles. So it took me all of five minutes. All you have to do is
attach the feet to each of the handles, and then
screw in the four screws on each side. So that’s it, and then you’re done. So, again, it took me all of five minutes to put together. Alright, so let’s quickly
go over my top exercises that I use for the Lebert
Fitness Equalizers. Number one, we have chest
dips, which are my go to and primary exercise for this, as that’s what it’s meant for. The second one, which is
pretty close, is tricep dips. Love to do some tricep dips on them. The next would be inverted rows, so if you want to work
your back out a little bit, those inverted rows are great for this. You can also do inverted bicep curls. A little awkward with
it, but not that bad. I use it pretty much weekly to do them. But it is a little awkward
with how wide they are, so you might want to use
something else for this, but they work pretty well for it. Tricep extensions. Love doing tricep extensions. They’re a newer exercise for
me, but they are super hard, especially with this if
you do them the right way. And then knee raises. This is pretty common
to work out your core and get in great shape. Alright, so let’s quickly go
over my pros and cons list, starting with the pros. Number one, it is simple, versatile, and extremely effective. So, again, this device
can be used for many, many different exercises and I love using it, because it’s so simple and easy to set up, and just get right into and
bang out your reps for each set. Next is definitely a high
quality dip bar station. Has perfect grips, as well
as a great height for me, for the XL edition. I’m a little under what
the recommended was, so they say you need
to be 6’1″ or greater, or should be 6’1″ or greater for the XL, but really, I think at
my 5’11”-ish height, I’m just under 5’11” that
it works perfectly for me, for the XL edition, so if you’re 5’11”, you might want to do that
as well, and buy the Xls. Also, the Lebert Fitness
Equalizers are really lightweight. This means you can
easily just pick them up, take them where they need to go, and place them down and get
ready to do your exercises. I had ones in the past that
were really bulky and heavy, but these ones are pretty, pretty light, and I can just easily
pick them up, get going, and get my exercises done. And then my last one is
that it is pretty reasonably priced, in my opinion. For what it is, and what
I’ve used in the past with other devices
coming in at around $100, even for the regular, and $130,
which is a little pricey-er, but for me, I would buy
this in a heartbeat again for that price, because they really do provide you all the value
here, and the quality of the product is the best of the best, it really is. Alright, so let’s jump
into my cons list now. There’s not too many here, but I want to go over them as well. So number one, I would like
them to remove the screws that you put in, and instead
just put a locking mechanism. So I had the ultimate dip bar
station, if you look that one up on Amazon, that
actually just had a little locking mechanism where
you just kind of slid on the pieces to the feet, and
then they just kind of locked into place, instead of screwing them on. I actually really preferred that version of how the set up was versus the screws that you have to use here. Cause now I have to, if I
want to take it anywhere and take the feet off, I
have to unscrew everything and do it, instead of just
pushing in the little lock, taking them apart and moving them around. So that’s one con that I see for it. Not a big one, but it
is a con in my opinion. And then number two, I alluded
to the price in the first one as being a pro, cause I think it is a pro, but it can also be a
con for a lot of people. A lot of people are not
gonna fork over $100 just for a dip bar station or even
$130 for the XL edition. So for me, I think it’s well worth it because of the quality of this product, but there are many other ones out there that are similar to this if
you want to look elsewhere that are cheaper. I just want to say that this is, though, the best of the best
of what I’ve ever used. So if you really want quality,
I do recommend this one over any other competition
that I’ve tried so far. So now who is the idea person for the Lebert Fitness Equalizers? I would say anyone who’s
really looking to work out at home and get into
calisthenics type of training. Now dips, I feel like, should
be in anyone’s training, honestly, cause I still feel like dips are one of the best exercises you can do, so if you’re working at a gym, or at home, I really do recommend it, but the best person this
is for is someone who’s working out at home, needs a
piece of equipment that can do multiple things and
wants to get things done quickly, easily, and be
able to move it around, stack them where they need to go, and just kind of get it out of the way when they don’t need it, and then take it out when they do. So that’s the person who
should really be using the Lebert Fitness Equalizers. And my last question that I
have is “Would I buy it again “for myself?” As I mentioned before,
yes, in a heartbeat, I would buy this, as it
is the best of the best dip bar station I’ve every used, and because dips are in my
top five or so exercises that you should be doing. Yes, I 100% would buy this
again, without question. Alright, so that is my
review on the Lebert Fitness EQualizer dip bar station. So, again, I bought the chrome XL edition. If you want to look at others,
depending on your height, or however you’re doing your fitness, go ahead and check out those. Some are cheaper than others. I bought the most expensive one, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Absolutely love it, and
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