hello students Welcome to 2nd tutorial In the last lesson We played from C to G like this Now I’ll tell you how to play further and how to go beyond G now something off-topic here From This C to the next C is called an Octave Octave is a set of 8 keys and you count from C to C is a set of 8 keys (only white keys) every scale has 7 notes and the key note to the other key note to the right or left is called an octave, (scales will be discussed in detail in upcoming lessons) here play from C to G We don’t have more fingers to play beyond G now we have to cross our thumb now reaching on E we have to cross our thumb like this and keep it on F, thus we will reach to C with no problem you have to cross your thumb like this now i will play from C to C now finger will cross over while returning to the C Now with the left hand But it will do the opposite as shown with the left hand, First you’ll have to cross your fingers over the thumb and while returning to C you will cross your thumb going back to C now place your thumb on G now with both hands slowly Now playing more than One octaves we played from C to C earlier like this if we want to play more than one octave when you place your fourth finger on B, you should cross your thumb and place it on C and so on and coming back is the same, fingers will cross over the thumb from C to B and Opposite with the left hand from thumb on the C you have to cross your 4th finger on the D and coming back the same way