Explain basically low carb High fat That’s all carbohydrate That is carbon Hydrogen oxygen It is a combination of three one mo-liq That is You’re eating now All food comes in this Cereals tubers sugar fruits This is the carbohydrate’s availability It should be avoided by four When we say grains.. Rice ,Wheat ,Oats, Ragi and Barley All this All these items should be avoided And the tuber species tapioca,Potatoes, Beetroot has begun Sweet potato All this stuff The whole Tuber species Three: Fruits Never eat a sweet fruit banana ,mango, jack fruit Then you know apple, grape ,Don’t ask anything Nothing sweet All sweet fruits should be avoided There are two or three things that are not sweet Like leaven Berries Blueberry Blackberry Strawberry You can eat it all avocado You can eat butter fruit it is good Inside it good healthy fat This two items Only fruits can be eaten Then there is no doubt sugar One hundred percent avoided Just like that High fructose corn syrup In almost all bakery products today They are the stuff used for sweets You are such things Once excluded from the diet Then there is the balance carbohydrate Once excluded Then there are the two items remaining one fat and one protean Let’s eat it protean There is a limit What is the weight of one’s body weight? You can only eat so much gram If 75 gm is white You can eat 75 gm of fat sorry protean You can eat If 250 gm beef you eating There will be 75 gm protean of it That’s the Maximum Limit one daily intake Most of the day Maximum All fish and meat combined 250 gm stop Do not eat more than 250 gm Do not increase Protean Yes, you can eat 200 gm of fat one day Getting Fat without Protein eating Coconut oil ,butter ,olive oil and butter fruit and cheese all eating protean and fat included items beef, mutton, fish and eggs,, limited protean in this items Although naturally 250 gm stop Yes it is additional butter 100 gm eat cheese and tow eggs more all eat Then eat vegetables In Vegetables, legumes, tubers, legumes and kernels this four items avoided You can eat the rest of the vegetables If you get it now cuss ,extra, green broccoli,cauliflower, Cabbages, eggplant, Cucumber,Lettuce,zucchini and extras,, not Tell counting all vegetables without legumes, tubers, legumes and kernels this four items avoided and eat all vegetables do not ask detailed morning what eating lunch what eating Not included Eat it all without carbohydrate any food eat now everybody mobiles google available search how many percent carbohydrate included that items if more then 10 percent in 100 gm all food items avoid it one slice bred included three teaspoon sugar that think Twelve gram glucose is one slice bred if one slice bred you eat your daily intake Gone up We have not allowed getting carbohydrate in grains ,sugar and tubers in our diet we are eating available vegetables okra, eggplant and extra,, it is getting small amount half gram or one gram of carbohydrate so more eat vegetables if not eat vegetables only butter or meat you eat a small problem of morning going to toilet so night eat more salads and vegetables Although naturally with that fifteen or twenty grams carbohydrate to eat that is allowed limit of carbohydrate daily intake twenty grams limited That too only vegetables nuts and vegetables We have not allowed getting carbohydrate in other items in grains ,sugar and tubers in our diet shut not eat so twenty grams glucose seventy five grams protean and tow hundred grams fat it is our daily intake Other than that things eat more beef or meat you The disease will come no doubt With this said limit you stop you will never get any disease your triglyceride come normal and sugar normal h d l normal all be come normal Let’s see if there is any illness From here on your wait loss pot belly all will be conditions It is a twenty year period We feel left behind i am feeling that i said I wish I had done it twenty years ago There’s something else wrong with it so not get anyway