into a Greek government that should get rid of all this stamina I guess welcome back to another video today I'm gonna actually try to put this stamina drainage in action basically gonna be trying to top-heavy somebody twice in a row maybe three times if we're lucky so without further ado what's go ahead and get into round one so first match we've got a Shaolin I don't see this being easy cinema shy ones love to spam dodge they're heavy and he's gonna stay here like right in the middle nope no all right let's get away from the things here less you just really wanna fight there well that's gonna put him out of stamina just one victory I like having that ability now I love that you can drain somebody's stamina with a heavy instead of it just bring them down low it's a really nice about – it makes the wall splat really worth it more than just having the blindness because that's usually what I used it for before nope oh we pulled me have a light there I don't if you saw that throw it out Oh take it the top white is too quick for no really take it top-heavy ah that top light is just so fast I'm on PC eyes and people just can't if we can't even block it on here that's not impossible for you guys are gonna put a comment section oh it's easy these are just bad people it's still pretty damn quick I've had to deal with it too here's the chance but I think that's gonna happen oh I thought I was gonna be dodging it lucky there I actually meant the zone ice whoa I can never zone this controller huh that three only needs today big boy all right fair enough over there nope had a phone you pick it this time battery that was a good fight go to the nice one round one though this is the same guy well we may need to do because it looks like he's gonna dodge off the first one for deep like their Oh give me that hit oh we pulled me out of it top alright so finish the hut well I may need to do on this one since he's when I do get a wall splat I'm probably only gonna get the top heavy on the first one and I'm gonna side heavy cuz seems to be dodging after that first one let's see if we can even get that oh I parried that I could throw this one out oh he's not good though now is dead dory sidestep top white you can't you can't beat that strategy it's like a stunning tab basically there we go get five man all right it's a major friendless one round one so we got a different person and it's Nora Mucha this time he really likes to fame that should get rid of all his stamina this guy's all about these Perry's take a top light I didn't work and that's gonna be the end of him this guy's very very very hungry very very hungry meansis tamanna should actually go down faster route 2 because he is fainting a lot so should go with the theme of this video pretty well let's see how far you make it pretty sure I played this guy before that's gonna be most of stamina oh no no I pulled me out of the heavy there here we go I throw it out I think I've played against this guy before if I have he usually plays a road cheat and he always makes like a story in the in the chat so I guess we'll see round three very peculiar dude it was good though you really like parry so that would make sense now focus yes I don't know why I was looking at the chest no no no I try to parry that I tried to peer that one too AHA oh no no stop it oh you got me there oh come on did you get a heavy off that I tried he is very focused we'll give him that I get it Oh Tory you let me have that how did GG round one alright so last match famine of the law bringer is ripped 34 with his law bringer so should hopefully be a pretty good match no ya started pretty good no yeah he's good now why did you do that I took the Dodge I didn't love me good round this is gonna be a straight try hard round yeah and that is cool about me at the appropriate for it Oh I wasn't trying to kayak me I don't understand that bird awkward timing again with the awkward timing he got me paper scissors roll out good one certain sees patterns here usually painting that second heavy into a top light see if he changes it up after this one nope I tried to bury that it is so fast yeah did it again and zone yes Z okay but he gave up now you know a loss I lost my fingers there I could get dragged where my fingers were like in between buttons round five I thought he gave up for a second there – this has been a good fight though despite him winning like the first two runs pretty quickly under press on purpose I'm Darnell Oh No let's close around and wave his guide starting right now Oh got him good fight bro that was a great fight in this video victory I guess hope y'all enjoyed the video not as many stamina drains as I wanted ended with a really good fight though so guys thank you for watching I will see you in the next one