who's ready Oh me guess who's ready the last to leave the treadmill video starts as soon as you guys get changed okay let's know you're gonna win yeah you guys have five minutes to prepare okay five minutes I haven't done this in so long okay so it begins let's get this going like lots of time it goes up to 99 minute get drinks get snacks shoes on okay guys come on you want to go on your feet four minutes guys four minutes because well actually Perry Michelle and I will bring you guys treats don't worry love that just get your shoes on button they're getting tired early hey Lexi you got your shoes yeah Machado bring you guys snacks Reese you go put on your you go put on your clothes and put shoes on too little very smart look how smart Perry's just put it right here next to it okay so these are some stuff me get shoes on guys this is intense plenty smart putting on her ear Maxis London is already falling are you okay no that's too fast that's you guys okay I need everyone on the treadmill right now this is $10,000 $10,000 look at this like see the cold dad take a look don't drop it because I'll go everywhere as we don't really get it we are not actually giving this away sorry Lexi this is the first year of your college tuition sorry yeah the other wins gets a hundred dollars yes okay whoever wins whoever wins gets real cash money right Michelle let's just say real cash money yeah so here's the rules this is gonna stay set at 0.5 miles an hour to make you more challenging every now and then Michelle are gonna come and increase the input 5 minutes we're going to rotate so like Reese will move to where London is London will move to where Perry is Perry will move to where these Reese's Lexington move to where research or just rope lexi you need to move to the side you can't take up the whole way also in just a little bit I'm going to set a rule that you can't oh oh yeah that's the three-second rule you can't be on the side yeah if you also if you step off the back it's game over so Reese what do you just fall I mean what about you what's gonna be hard for you I think the same as recent Perry the back she's gonna be like my heels are rolling ah yes I think the hardest part if someone accidentally pushes you off or if you're on here for too long and at the end at the very end will be personal tired and they take a break and they're not playing they're late they're focusing more on how tired I think they're just gonna be out okay that's the timer I need to tell you guys where to go okay Perry shift or East London shift to the very back so I'm leaving in a timer this is gonna be so awesome guys I think it's actually a little better because you get more like practice with because I think it's amazing eating a lot of junk food lately and it's great to see these kids get into good shape right copy your gym coach so it looks like London likes to stay far away from the back edge is that right London oh yeah how many calories you guys burned funny thing okay 1000 calories okay timers up Rhys to the back Terry over there I hear someone say they have to go to the bathroom if you feel like you can only have one break for one minute can you pee in one minute hey race let's see yours oh you guys got mani-pedis today if you want a break just get off Oh timer timer shift Terry to the back Ryan oh my gosh lemon high-five and extra points to ever understand guys last time we did 11 this time I'm gonna go all the way up to 15 how are you girls doing you think your last until tomorrow video coming down below who you think is gonna win the cash where should they go to comment write me our Instagram post shall show my show and what's your Instagram holy Roy's whoa paradise so close okay over okay point five are you guys back in the same positions as before okay hey are you doing okay okay just remember guys if you're standing right here and you accidentally touch one of these buttons its and I like speed up you two in front if you feel it start to speed up just hit the stop button okay and then we won't be disqualified no you have to make sure it's over five first if it says over point five sounds like even one or two hit stop they look like a row of prisoners that are like all in shackles letting shackle up really closely together and they just have to shuffle along now that we've been through a full rotation I'm going to up the stakes tip up the speed by two clicks still very safe but just a little bit tougher every time we go through a full rotation it's going to get clicked up two or three clicks tired so the problem is that these guys are having just too much fun so they're like insa best friends really tired right and I think the lack of a really solid price is probably contributed to you don't even know what you're gonna win the next person to get off okay now that we've only got three people left rotate the timer just went off rotate okay I'm going to increase it all the way up to one mile an hour also the new rule is no touching this thing no touching actually let's wait until you're done eating and then that's them that ok ok just don't speed up with a DQ Lexie how do you feel about those who have dropped out so far surprise actually I don't have a specific price yet if I get off does that mean I can still do it but like I can still do it no you can't interfere with them at all starting right now no more touching the guy oh yeah can I recommend a new single file if I were you I would match up your steps too right left right what left right right left right left right left [Applause] okay yeah the price for the next person London loves popsicles well yeah I guess again thanks for sharing more funding come show me your popsicle you guys making deals over here is she trying to talk you into something rings I mean wait yes which one okay switcheroo guys it has now been seventeen hours I'm just kidding I hasn't please also if you get off your prize could be holding jewel for the rest of the night she's all yours lexi is she trying to talk you into getting off yeah the game it's still walking speed still walking school and employment Reese with this new time and incline how long do you think you'll really keep up to point one so just because it was kind of jogging speed fairies we got a jaw drop over here guys we're actually gonna play game over there on the right [Applause] Michele came up with the walk backwards okay good job guys hopping on one leg thousand ten okay now hop like a bunny on two feet stop guys four three steps four three steps only close your eyes ready set go okay [Applause] now walk sideways like this oh you both just got disqualified oh just kidding please believe me you guys think Cassie would like this no Brighton's helping me clean up the fault applause Thank You Brighton these guys are still going strong they switch thanks Perry for helping with the ball pit balls cuz I drink all the way up to three now but on top I'm gonna turn the inflame down to zero oh that's a fast walk Harry Zowie walking Reese so now you all get this man is that too fast Lexi go to 2.5 I'm Krystina entertaining yeah a few moments later guys we've now been through a bunch more rotations so to speak like a hundred songs London's doing stuff you guys getting pretty tired what okay here's a challenge for you do a 360 go now the other way go walk backwards walk sideways wait Rhys where you leaning on to the bar there is missions you would have stayed on you guys are a little let's see what's the incline whoa that's a height oh it looks like grease is happening a little bit more difficult going here are we being so cool is this so cool are you bye you guys stop it this is just for fun the fact that it's not a huge like a huge dollar amount there's like literally no pressure 2.70 guys that's fast okay no little hands you catch it okay just slow down just a little bit so our does you want to encourage it's never give up give up it's fine so what your present looks like sees the next person who gives up gets Swiss chocolate see that's a high that's a legit high okay we're gonna do some challenges where you guys ready walk backwards okay face forward and do a 360 and now three hops hop on one foot Lexie's that sweat on your face okay switch switch okay switch carries go get one of those $20 bills and then here's a shell and she'll give you two tens one for us yeah that was the price that's what we told you [Applause]