(footsteps on treadmill) – [Katie] What if I gave
you guys a $20 bill? – He loves soda.
– Soda will be my temptation! (cheering) – We can all only use our hands because we’re all working
out with our legs. So we’re all just like, dance party! (cheering) Hi guys! It’s Jordan and today
we’re with my family, – The YouTube family! (cheering) – And today we’re gonna be playing Last to Leave the Workout Room. Oh yeah. So– – I so got this. I’m here to pump me up. – [Jake] What?
– Weird. Okay, so the rules of this challenge are that we’re gonna see
who can last the longest in the workout room, but you have to be
working out at all times. So, you have to be, either like, on the machine doing a, like, jumping jacks or something. And if you stop working out, you’re out of the challenge. And also, my brothers
can be in here with us because it says on the sign, “All those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult,” and we have three adults here, Dad, Mom, and Audrey. Audrey’s technically an adult. And so… We’re all–
– [David] You’re over 16, so you’re technically old too. – Well, I’m not an adult, but I’m over 16, so I can be in here. So, so, they’re allowed to be in here, but I think we should just go ahead and start this challenge. (bells ring) – I’m gonna pick, I think this is like a stair machine, because I like walking
up and down the stairs. Here we go. – I’m gonna go with–
– Oh, it’s so bouncy! They’re like (mumbles). (chattering) – Ty took mine! I was gonna go on the treadmill. – How do I do it? Can you start it up for me? – Nope, I can go. Can you watch out, I’m
gonna start it for you. – Oh, it’s starting! – We’re both gonna be
walking on the treadmill. This is our first workout. I do not recommend using
it with two people. – How do you move faster? – [Jake] Whatever you
guys do, do not share. – Okay, that’s it. I’m going to my own machine. – I’m just working out
on the bouncy balls. I don’t know how I’m doing– – [Jordan] You need to
be doing actual workouts on the bouncy ball. – [Jordan] There you go. (mumbles) And I’m going to be doing… (mumbles) Oh yeah! Working out my arms. Working out my arms. – [Audrey] Oh, we’re
changing the machines. – Yeah. (grunting) It’s so heavy. Jake’s doing jumping jacks. Okay, I don’t wanna do
this machine anymore. – Little pounds. – I’m going to use… I’m going to do these instead. Yeah! Who’s gonna last the longest? Are we gonna go all
the way to lunch, guys? Oh no. Why’d you give me the 10 pounders? Ty’s over there in the corner, just like, “Wooo!” (chattering) – [Katie] Are you starting to get tired? – Nope. – [Katie] You’re doing really good? – I’m turning up the speed. – Guys, a little trick is, when I took PE class, my teacher would sometimes, he would make us go in the gym and make us workout, so every time he looked at me, I was working out, but every time he looked away, I stopped! (laughing) So that might be my tactic this time. (breathing heavily) – I’m doing it. It only shows a one on the screen, I don’t know what that means, but I burned nine calories. Yes! – I’m doing my favorite one, the legs! – [Ty] I burned six calories! – It’s like, too far away, or, too close.
– [Ty] Seven calories! Too far away (mumbles). Jake, he’s doing (mumbles). Yeah, like that. No, you’re supposed to be going like this. Wait, what? Nevermind, I don’t know what
you’re supposed to be doing. – Are you supposed to be
running on the treadmill? Because I’m just walking. – [Katie] You can go any speed you want. – I’m on 30… Speed. – [Katie] You’re going fast.
– And I burned eight calories. By just walking. Nine calories! – We should do all of our strategies. So, Audrey’s told us her strategy, it was a little sneaky, a little cheaty, but we’ll let it slide. My strategy is to put on, like, the lowest weight that I can, and do, like, the most, least amount of work that way I don’t get tired fast ’cause, like, if you’re
working out all day, you’re gonna get tired, but if you’re only lifting like one pound, you’re not gonna get tired. So, that’s what I, that’s my tactic. Jake, what’s your strategy? – Just to keep going. Don’t stop. Or else you lose! – [Jordan] (singing) Don’t stop believing! – My strategy is to
never leave the treadmill because you can go any speed, and this is, I burned 12 calories on speed 30… 13! – Hello, welcome to Audrey’s Yoga Studio. – All right, I’m at 27 calories burned. This is awesome. Come over and check out
this little dial thing. So, look. If I go fast, the dial turns orange. So my strategy is to keep it green because if I keep it green that means I’m going slower, and slow and steady wins the race. – I don’t know what yoga pose we’re doing. The bouncy ball one. Woo! Wait, I think I have an idea. (laughing) – Guys, we’re all gonna be so buff by the end of this challenge. Like, my legs are gonna be ripped if I just keep sitting here and doing this because I’m just like sitting down, and that’s it. (laughing) – [Katie] Jake, are you getting tired? – Yes. – Working out my legs! Yeah, literally, we’re
gonna be sore tomorrow. Unless if somebody decides to drop out! – [Katie] Are you ready to drop out? – Nope. – [Katie] Are you ready to drop out? – Never. – [Katie] David, do you wanna drop out? – I could do this all day long. – [Katie] Jake, how are you–
– Soon. (laughing) I can tell soon I’m gonna be dropping out. – Also, I’m looking around and seeing who decided to wear
their workout clothes today. I wore leggings. Oh, I gotta keep working out. Mini jumping jacks. I wore leggings, and I’ve got a hair tie. I guess I can roll up my
sleeves if it gets hot, But Ty’s in jeans over there, so don’t know how long he’s gonna last. – [Jake] Audrey’s (mumbles). (grunting) – This one’s heavy. I gotta turn it down. – I’m doing crunches now. Gotta work the abs, or my flabs. (laughing) – [Katie] Work the flabs? – Work those flabs, so they become abs. – So, I have a nice layer of insulation over my abs to protect them. But, when I’m exercising I like to watch the calorie count because I compare it
to things like a soda. So, like, right now I’m
at 70 calories burned. That’s about a half a can of soda, so if I go another 15 minutes, I could drink a soda, and I’m even. It’s awesome! (breathing heavily) – So guys, I just found something. Fan. (air whooshing) (footsteps on treadmill) – What? – [Katie] You’re lifting
zero weights, so… – I’m still working out! (laughing) – [Katie] How you feeling, Jake? – Well, I’m feeling the
exact same as Jordan because this one is the
same weight as Jordan’s. – [Jordan] What?! – [Katie] Wanting to give up yet? – Look behind you! Why is it (mumbles). – I don’t know. – [Katie] Are you ready to give up? – No. – [Katie] Is anybody
here ready to give up? (chattering) – You can’t vote ’cause you’re not exercising! – [Katie] I am filming. What if I gave you guys a $20 bill. – I’ll go out! I’m out! – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – I’m out! – [Katie] First one out gets the $20 bill! (yelling) – Wait, you mean for real, right? – [Katie] You get the, 20 dollar. – Let me see it. – [Katie] 20 dollar if
you walk out that door. (yelling) First person out. – I’m out!
(buzzer ringing) – [Katie] Ty has got the 20! (cheering) – [Jordan] Now I get the treadmill. – [Katie] Aw, man. – I gotta make the soda mark. I gotta make it to the soda mark. ‘Cause if not, I’ll go backwards today. I can do this. I’m good enough. I’m strong enough. I’m good enough. (buzzer beeping) – [Katie] Okay, do you
wish you’d dropped out and taken the 20? Oh, keep doing those crunches. How ’bout you? Ty just went in there and took your 20?
– Yeah! – [Katie] How do you feel about that? – I feel mad. (laughing) – [Katie] Now you gotta stick around? – Yes. – [Katie] Are you going to
try to win this challenge or maybe take the next offer? – Next offer, maybe, if it’s good. – Ty left his treadmill, and personally I think this
is the most fun equipment in the workout room. So, I’m gonna turn it all the way down, the speed, to, like, .1, and then just walk on it. Like, literally, oh I can only go down to .5. Okay, I guess then I’m
just gonna be walking. Well, this has been fun. (laughing) So guys, how’s your day been? I’m, like, slow walking. This is how people walk
in the halls at school. They walk like this, and I’m like, “Move!” And just be like (running in place). But they walk so slow at school. – [Audrey] No, they walk even slower. – Oh, guys! We’ve got a TV. Should we turn it on? And see what we could watch? Have some entertainment? – I’ve got the next temptation! – [Katie] Hey, you’re
one of the people in it, you can’t offer it!
– I know. I’m trying to knock people out, my competition. So here’s the next temptation. I folded it all up. It’s a mystery bill. This could be valued anywhere between one and one hundred dollars. So, who’s willing to take the chance on the mystery bill? – [Jordan] Mystery bill? – [David] The mystery bill. – Wait, can I look at it? – Nope. – It’ll be one dollar. – [David] Between one and one hundred. If the last bill was 20, do you really think this would be one? – [Jordan] Oh, I don’t know!
– I gotta tempt you. Here’s the mystery, if you wanna take it, touch the door handle. – Okay (mumbles). – Jake touched it! Here’s Jake’s mystery bill. – Okay. – [David] Tell me what you get. – It’s one dollar, but I didn’t leave. (laughing) – You touched the door. – Aw, man! I was tricked.
(buzzer ringing) (cheering)
– That was my strategy, I knew that he was gonna fall for it. I knew he’d think it’d be,
like, a hundred dollar bill. (laughing) – Okay you guys, you know what? I’m getting kinda bored. I think we should have
a random dance party. (cheering) (techno music) Dance party! (cheering) We can all only use our hands because we’re all working
out with our legs! So we’re all just like, dance party! Oh my goodness. Okay, no I really am
getting bored, though. Like, what else can we do? – [Audrey] I hate working out! – I know I’m like, it was fun for the first 15 minutes. Now, now I’m just getting bored. – I am so glad to be
out of that challenge. I didn’t really wanna go any further, so might as well take the one dollar bill and get out. – I wanted, I want to run. I like treadmills still. – Hey, well you got 20 bucks, so you didn’t really lose. – [Katie] Ty, maybe you
can tempt them and say, “I’ll trade my $20 bill
if I can take your slot!” – Sure, I’ll do it. Hey guys! I’ll give you my $20 bill for your spot. – What?! – I’m out, I’m out. I will trade. – Wait, you’re trying to
come back in the game? (yelling) (buzzer ringing) – Bye! – That’s a new twist. – Yes, I’m back in. – Wait. Wait, so you’re saying that
Ty is back in the game now? What just happened? Wait, he’s back on the treadmill. – (mumbles) I just took a little break. So, basically I just got a
little break to cool off, and I got Audrey’s spot. That, it worked! – I did not think this out very well. Levi’s and a shirt with an undershirt? That’s not a workout outfit. I… am paying for it. – [Jordan] Are you tired? – I’m so tired. But, I’m watching the calorie count. And if I remember, a can of Mountain Dew, a 12 ounce can of Mountain Dew, is 170 calories. I think a 12 ounce can of Pepsi that Mom likes, is 160. So I gotta at least get to 160, but I really like Mountain Dew, so I’m pushing to 170. – [Katie] What are you at? – I’m at 154. – So you’re doing it as like, you’re gonna reach a specific, oh, I’m counting stretching
as working out too. So you’re saying, that you’re basically going
off your calorie amount and then once you leave this challenge you’re just gonna go
ahead and drink the Pepsi? – Soda–
– The soda? – Will be my temptation! – And then, you’ll just
lose all the workout that you just barely did? – I’ll break even. I’ll break even. – Man. – I think I’m gonna win this challenge. I think they’re getting tired. – One… Two… (yelling) Feel the burn. Three… Four… – This is so depressing. It just popped up on the screen and said I’m 30% complete. Are you kidding me? My right foot has just gone numb. – Okay guys. I know that
you’re all getting tired, and you’re thirsty, and you’ve been working up a sweat. Does anybody want– – [Ty] (mumbles)
– Yup. Does anybody want to
leave the fitness room for a drink of your choice? – [Jordan] What?! – [David] I do! – First one out, wins it! – [David] Okay, I’m out, I’m out, I’m out. – [Jordan] You’re leaving?! – I’m out then. I did it! I’m out. Drink of my choice. 170 calories, that’s a Mountain Dew. Seriously, can you see the sweat on me? I can feel it. I’m out. – [Katie] All right, D.
(buzzer ringing) Hey wait, take your money! Get your drink!
– Thank you. – David just barely
left the workout center. That means it’s down to me and Ty. – I gotta get to that Pepsi mark just like Dad did. – Wait so Ty, you’re saying that you have a goal that if you reach a certain
amount of calories– – I’m at 92!
– You’re gonna drop out? – I’m at 92… 93.
– That’s actually good for me ’cause then I know when
he’s gonna drop out. – All right. They didn’t have 12 ounce cans, and they didn’t have Mountain Dew, but they had Katie’s favorite, Pepsi. But I’m looking here–
– [Katie] Oh thank you! – Look how many calories? I didn’t make the goal because this is more than 12 ounces, so I can only drink the top half. But, I’m gonna start at the bottom, and then work my way to the top. Comment down below if you caught what I just said there. – I moved on. I keep switching machines
because my legs get tired, and so then I move on to arms. Then when my arms get tired, and so then I move onto, like, running, and then I get tired overall, and so I keep switching all
of the workouts I keep doing. It’s a good thing that
there’s a lot of machines here so I have a lot of options. I’m starting to get
really tired though, too, ’cause it’s been, it’s been a while that we’ve been in here. – Wait, what does distance mean? I got 1.00. – [Katie] You ran a mile. – (cheering) I ran a mile! I just ran a mile. I’m not even tired the slightest. – [Jordan] What? Are you kidding me? Ty’s not even tired? – [David] Are you guys about done? Look, I fulfilled my promise. I drank the bottom half first. Now, the only part that’s
left is the top half, and I’ll have it all completed. – What? Dad’s doing his own mini-challenge outside of this challenge. You know what? I wanna put on some TV because
there are TV’s in here, and I’m getting quite bored. As long as I keep running in place, I’ll be good. Let’s turn it on. Please work. I just wanna watch a show! Man. Oh it’s working! – Hey Jordan, you’re not working out. I won! – What, wait what? – I won! You’re not working out! – Oh wait I’m not working out, no I am working out! I mean I’m still running in place Ty! – [Ty] No you’re not. – I lost! – I won. She forgot and she stopped working out. – Man, the TV distracted me! I thought it’d be, like, entertainment, in that
it’d be, like, good, and I’d continue, be able to last longer in the game, but it distracted me, and then I forgot to keep working out! So I guess I’m out of this challenge. Bye, Ty! You get to keep working out
for the rest of the day! – I just wanna burn 10 more calories because that’s a whole soda. – [Jordan] What? – Eight more! – It looks like David has
been waiting a long time for this challenge to be over. Uh, hello. – Is the winner finished yet? – Yeah, Ty won. I’m out. I gotta leave the workout room. (buzzers ringing) – Okay, so Ty gets to take the
choice between two rewards. Ty, you wanna know your rewards? – I just need one more calorie (mumbles). (cheering) – If you quit now, you can either get a day in the arcade or a day in the pool. Which one do you want? – Day in the pool. – Day in the pool it is. Sweet, let’s go! (cheering and clapping) – Okay guys, so that’s it for today. I can’t believe I lost just because of the TV! – Ty is beast.
– Ty, good job. For wait, oh, he’s still working out. I don’t know how he does it. – I still think I won because
I got to drink the whole soda. (laughing) – But anyways, thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe, turn the subscribe
button from red to gray, and we’ll see you all next time. Bye! – Bye! (upbeat music)